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Though granny is an android play and due to horrifying moments it is a very scary game. Due to extreme difficulties, gamers are unsuccessful to clear levels. Considering the difficulty level we brought the modded version of the game known as Granny Outwitt Mod Apk.

Initially, this gameplay was launched in 2017 for android operating devices. When the Apk was initially launched inside the market. People didn’t like it much due to horrifying moments. But when they find these difficult levels including challenges.

Mobile users start taking interest inside the game. With the time the developers improve the user experience by adding new things inside the gameplay. Even the experts used high-end graphics inside the game to make it like a real event.

However, when you enter inside the gameplay, the Apk offers you 5 days to complete the tasks and escape the house. If you are unsuccessful to escape the house in 5 days. Then you’ll be kept there forever and the granny will keep prison you.

Thus the granny is blind and cannot see anything. Then how she is gonna locate and kill us? The answer is hearing yeah the old witch is good in hearing. And considering her disability she starts leaving different traps inside the room and outside stairs.

In such a difficult scenario how you can expect to win this gameplay. Aiming the user demand and their craze towards completing the tasks. The developers introduced this modded version of gameplay for mobile users.

What is Granny Outwitt Mod Apk

Granny is considered the most difficult gameplay in terms of completing different tasks. Due to very sensitive things and different traps it is entirely impossible to escape the house in such a short span. Focusing the difficulty the experts released this modded version of the game.

This modded version of gameplay offers different advance features inside the gameplay. Which includes God Mode, Give Shotgun, Stick Spider, Party Mode, Kill witch, Jump, Object, Object size, Clone Object, Destroy Object and Timescale etc.

All these advance features are accessible to avail inside Outwitt option. Every feature has its own characteristics such inside Jump mode. The character can jump to different heights and inside object size. Gamer can change the object according to the sense of seeing.

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Details of Apk

Among all these features the God Mode is the best option for Granny Outwitt Apk fans. Because enable this feature will allow the players to disable granny killing feature from the game. Means if the witch can’t kill you inside the gameplay than no has authority to stop you from winning the game.

If you want to win this gameplay then there are certain rules. Means for surviving inside the gameplay, there are two different methods. The first method is to move smoothly without making any noise or kill the granny at first in priority. After using all these tricks if you are still unable to complete the game.

Then we recommend you to install the modded version of Apk from here. The mod Apk is accessible to download from here with one click download option.

Key Features of The Apk

  • The game offers realistic design with advance graphics.
  • To make it even more horrific the experts added different sound inside the game.
  • Inside this mod version, the gamer can remove the ads.
  • For playing the game registration is not compulsory.
  • The gamer must escape the house in 5 days.
  • God mode option will disable the powers of granny.
  • To kill the granny, the player must use the hack and click gunshot option.

Screenshots of The Granny Outtwit Apk

How To Download The Apk

Android users can trust our website in terms of downloading the latest version of Apk Files. Because we only share authentic and original Apps and Games. To download the latest version granny please click on the download link button.

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If you believe you are smart enough to escape the house without the hack. Then you can judge your skills by switching off the hack mode. No, if you want the modded version of Granny Outwitt Mod Apk. Then you can download it from here with one-click option.

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