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Birthday party festive music loop, great for happy cheerful kids computer or smartphone game!:) Download MP3 Feeling The Good Vibes by TimTaj Inspirational, dreamy and royalty-free summer background music with warm guitars, beautiful synths, bass, and percussion. Free Download Music: Happy Birthday - is a upbeat, fun and uplifting background music for videos, happy videos, presentations, advertising, marketing videos, websites, social media, Facebook videos, Instagram videos, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, for commercial purposes and more. Royalty free Party music. Professional and Exclusive Party Background Music for Video and other Commercial Projects Enjoy listening and Download our Amazing Audio Tracks Created by Dedicated, Handpicked Artists. 53 Its Your Birthday Now original - 00:57. 54 Its Your Birthday Now - 01:54. 55 Its Your Birthday - 00:35. 56 Its Your Day - 00:42. 57 Its a Great Day - 00:21. 58 John Birthday Song - 00:31. 59 Kiai Happy Birthday - 01:51. 60 Lax Happy Birthday - 00:19. 61 Let The Truth Be Told - 00:52.

Children / Kids music is music for kids of all ages. Children / Kids music is a collection of nursery rhymes, songs for learning, and jingles that get kids to play. This type of music puts kids in a cheerful mood!

Children, kids music downloads listed below. Use this background music for videos, youtube, etc... (Full policy)

Background music for birthday party mp3 free download mp3
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Bouncy and fun song for children's game-play.

Children, Kids

Upbeat and playful tune to clap along to.

Children, Kids

A fun song for kids to play along to.

Children, Kids

An adventurous and happy jingle.

Children, Kids

A lullaby that's filled with joy.

Children, Kids

A gentle lullaby for your sleepy baby.

Children, Kids

A happy dance tune for your baby.

Children, Kids

Happy nursery rhyme music fit for toddlers and kids.

Children, Kids

Triumphant Christmas themed song that brings excitement for the Holidays.

Upbeat, Children, Kids, Christmas

Funny Christmas track with bells and horns.

Funny, Children, Kids, Christmas

Funky 60s-style halloween track with spooky theremin.

Children, Kids, Halloween

Quirky, fun, mischievous halloween-themed track with xylophone, theremin, tuba, and pizzicato strings.

Children, Kids, Halloween

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I Feel Great by TimTaj

Upbeat, playful, and energetic EDM music. It creates an easy-going atmosphere that is perfect for showing the positive side of your products or services. Cheerful, vibrant, joyful, and rhythmic. This confident and motivational piece that will inspire and encourage your audience is ideal for video games, night party, commercials and more

Download MP3That Exciting Feeling by Yoav Alyagon

Uplifting and energetic dance-pop music will give your projects confidence. Featuring live electric guitars, bass, drums, synths, percussion. Perfect choice for presentations, promotional videos for club parties, dance festivals, vlogging, business videos, events, advertising, and other projects that need a positive sound.

Download MP3New Year Party by SnowMusicStudioBackground Music For Birthday Party Mp3 Free Download

Professionally produced uplifting and energetic EDM pop track. Perfect for modern Youtube videos, fashion content, summer night party and dynamic presentations. The music that makes you feel like 'Get up! and dance!'.

Download MP3The Tropicano by Dopestuff

Great summer EDM music, similar to 'Wake Me Up' by Avicii. Has a catchy melody and energetic, pumping beats. Great for motivational videos, youth-targeted commercials, night party celebrations, people on the dancefloor, or other cool and trendy events.

Download MP3The Football Game by Infraction

A super funk rock track with a bit of swaggering garage-rock flavor. The drums and bass are locked into a solid groove while the lead guitars part is oozing with a swagger. Fantastic for promos, hip commercials, video games, product demos, or projects related to teens, tweens, and anything with high energy.

Download MP3Sky Lights by Infraction

Latin music driven by acoustic guitars, piano, trumpet leads. This track could fit perfectly your next Youtube travel or explanatory video, or business / service presentation. Great for passion, love, hot night party at the beach, holiday and vacation, people having a good time.

Download MP3Summer With You by Infraction

An upbeat, techno house track with a joyful rhythm. It definitely works for fashion commercials, luxury products, and trendy vlogs. Also suitable for night party, glamour events, club scenes, chill summer vibes, and more.

Download MP3Brilliant Summer by Infraction

Creative and beautiful EDM pop track with an upbeat mood and pumped up vocals! Conveys a feeling of success, and the euphoria of happiness. An excellent choice for motivational videos, sports videos, night party, young people, pop culture, youtube promo, inspiring advertisements, active lifestyle, etc.

Download MP3La Summer Trip by Infraction

Positive, fun and happy background music with electric guitar, pluck guitar, synths, pianos, bass and drums. This track will give you a good mood and charge you with positive emotions for the whole day. Suitable for fun videos, kids projects, promotional videos, slideshows, movies, commercial projects, travel videos, camping with friends, beach projects, summer walks, road trips and more.

Download MP3Give Me Back My Freedom by Audioflame

Quirky and comic, scary and eerie track, representing the Halloween's magical world. Featuring evil witch laugh, scary screams, theremin, harpsichord, pizzicato, and strings. Best for 'trick or treat door' music, thematic video games, comedy horror or ghost story, with a dash of Disney. Also suitable for kid pranks, creepy home-decoration ideas videos, a soundtrack of your own scary movie or fright night party!

Download MP3Blood And Sand by Infraction

Modern synthwave track that feels like a local movie star comes with a confident gait through the dusty smoke. The main scene is now, and he knows it! Perfect as background music for advertising videos, catchy fashion show, brand promo, 1980s style night party, space theme documentaries or everyday listening.

Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

Download MP3Festival Speed by Infraction

Sunny, bouncy, and summer background music, in the style of Tropical House with tropical synthesizers, pianos, pads, deep bass, drums, and percussion. This track will take you to a sunny beach and a trip to tropical paradise islands. Good for travel vlogs, lifestyle videos, modern commercial projects, beach projects, vacation videos, outdoor recreation, advertising, movies, presentations, slideshows, social media, and other summer projects.

Download MP3Dancing All Night by Audioflame

Breathe With Me is a quality dance royalty free track. This fresh and modern music is great for hot summer adventures, happy time with family or friends, youth night party. Similar to David Guetta, Avici, or Calvin Harris.

Download MP3Night City Racing by AleXZavesa

Download MP3Feel The Summer Sun by TimTaj

Energetic EDM music with strong dance beats and intense synths. Perfect for sports-related video content, full-body workout, fitness and gym activities, summer vibe commercials, night party promo and other multimedia needs.

Download MP3Yellow Plane by Infraction

An urban pop track featuring chopped vocals, energetic drums, catchy melodies, synthesizers, and a constant rhythm. It will fit any film or TV scene with an urban mood. This upbeat background music is perfect for vlogs, commercials, videos, or anything else you want to make more positive and energetic.

Download MP3Run Faster by AleXZavesa

Full orchestra cinematic waltz with a bit of demonic mood brings horror and fear to your project. Great for Halloween night party, spooky cartoon animation, dark comedy, black magic, monsters etc.

Download MP3Big City Nightlife by Yoav Alyagon

Futuristic 80s-style retro electronic music in modern sound. Analog sound in the atmosphere of the 80s, with a nostalgic, innovative, mechanical, synthetic feel. Perfect to set the tone for thematic night party, photoshoot background music, cinematic projects, marketing campaigns, graphic design, YouTube, and Instagram short videos.

Download MP3Irresistible Swagger by ABCstudio

A musical sequence of melodic trance with strong beats of the 90's. Perfect to set the tone for a retro dance event, night party, interactive promo of the shopping mall, etc.

Download MP3Fashion Is Life by Infraction

Funky and rock-n-roll funny music with console retro game sounds. The track has a modern tone without sounding too contrived or generic. It feels like something that could come out of old-school arcade games, like Nintendo. Perfect for fun videos, retro games, product launch teasers, advertising campaigns, edgy tv productions, promo projects, tutorials, and more.

Download MP3Running In The Morning by Alexander Lisenkov

Modern, high-quality electronic dance music with catchy beats and noisy sound. Ideal for energetic lifestyle videos, night party, gogo dancers, GoPro video report, fitness workout and more!

Download MP3Round We Go by Infraction

Download MP3Minimal Tech by Audiocalm

Modern, fresh, energetic, motivational dance track for your projects. Think about youtube vlogs, fitness workout, sports routine exercises, Ibiza style night party, and other bright events. Enjoy happy mood and energy of modern summer party!

Download MP3Full Moon Party by TimTajKids birthday party places near me

Young, hip, and modern Progressive Electro House club music with pumping beats, build up tension, piano stabs and a bouncing bass. Suits promotional video, fashion show, night party, energetic workouts, and more.

Download MP3Hyper Action by JGaudio

A confident, energetic, and powerful dance background music track with stylish synths, fat bass, and drums. Great for advertising, fitness videos, radio, TV shows, and podcasts, nightclubs and party scenes, sports channels, workout videos, and more.

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Download MP3Seoul Party by Infraction

Happy and optimistic pop-dance music will give you an energetic boost and make your blood circulate faster. Good choice for tv advertising, skateboard videos, teenage night party, adventures and fun, contemporary youth TV shows, high school vlogs, etc.

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