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Free Music Public Domain is another self-descriptive website that allows you to download free and legal classical music. It isn’t the largest repository here but it has a decent collection of pieces from some well-known composers. Classic Cat is a great website available for listening to thousands of wonderful classical music. It also provides free downloads of over 5000 classical performances. You can find favorite classical music such as opera music, religious music, and chamber music by searching for 'Composers', 'Genres' or 'Top 100' and so on.

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There are times when people feel overly stressed, tired or they simply like to hear a majestic classical music piece, so they start searching for sources for free classical music downloads.

Luckily, many websites offer this possibility. They have thousands of songs that can be downloaded in an MP3 format and listened to whenever you want. Starting from Bach and Mozart to the more modern composers, you’ll find everything you’re looking for.

So, here are some of the best sources.



This is a website that has a huge number of resources, especially classical music that’s royalty-free. Nearly all composers that you can think of are featured.

Actually, exploring it is very simple thanks to the options it incorporates. Users can search for their favorite artists and music pieces in alphabetical order, and by stating the instrument or period. To accompany these, the site has a ‘Featured Composers’ section. Also, those who prefer to be surprised have the possibility to listen to the radio, which plays random classical music.

While everyone can stream the music, only those with a free account can download it, but there’s a limit of five songs per day.

Classic Cat

Image ©

This is definitely one of the sources with the biggest collections of classical music that can be downloaded for free. It has more than six thousand available pieces. And for the new users, it offers a page with a Top-100 list to help them decide what to listen to.

Searching for pieces is very easy, as well. All you should do is pick a composer, some of their work, and click the provided button. You’ll then be redirected to another page that contains all the requested pieces in an MP3 format ready to be downloaded.

All free downloads are clearly displayed on this site. However, they can’t be filtered or sorted, so you should go over all the pages and search for the wanted piece or composer.

The positive thing about it, though, is that once you spot what you’re looking for, you can simply press the download button next to the track. It’ll begin downloading automatically.

Free Music Archive


Image ©

The classical pieces on this site are separated in 20th century classical, chamber, choral, composed or contemporary classical music, opera, piano, and symphony. There’s even a table with details connected to the artist, track, the album it is on as well as the genre.

Actually, there are more than three thousand tunes to pick from, so the chances are greater that you’ll find what you like to listen to. You can hear the chosen tracks at once with the help of the play button on the left and download them by pressing the button to the right.

Read More:Free Online Music

Another thing that makes it popular among classical music lovers is the fact that you don’t need an account in order to download the songs. You can even add some of your favorite tunes in a playlist.


The simple design of this site helps everyone find their way around it very easily. It has a bunch of MP3s that are divided into a few sections like the top 5 played pieces, the suggestions of the week as well as option to explore the tracks by their composers and instruments.

Moreover, there’re free classical radios where you can stream to music all the time.


Wikipedia isn’t a very usual choice for people who want to download classical music because seldom who thinks that it features such options.

However, through the page Wikipedia: Sound/list, you can stream and download numerous tracks in an OGG format. The search bar offers you a chance to explore the pages and subpages, but you can use it only if you know at least something about the track you’re looking for such as the composer’s name or a word from the title of the song.

Aside from that, users are allowed to sort the music in a list based on the year, composer or track name and even comments about the piece and decide what to download.

Image ©

With more than 400.000 classical tunes and 3.000 composers, this site has something for all classical music fans. Every week you can find a whole classical album to download without paying for it. In order to download the free album, you should make an account, provide your email address and password in the form and choose whether you want to subscribe to the newsletter or not.

The only downside, though, is that the site charges small fees for downloading the other tracks that aren’t on the weekly free album.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

This is a place that offers a vast collection of classical pieces. They are available to all listeners for free, giving them a rich program wherever they are. The songs can be heard through the unique classical podcast or downloaded as individual recordings.

Before downloading, you should first explore the numerous pages full of tunes and pick the one you like. You also have the chance to search through them with the keywords of the song that you know. Then you can download them by right-clicking on the download button next to the track.

Early Classical Music

Image ©

Jon Sayles’ Early Classical Music has instrumental tracks from the 14th to the 19th century. All recordings are available for free and users can listen to them, download them, burn to CDs or otherwise use them for their own purposes.

If you want to download them, all you should do is right-click on a specific tune and save the link as MP3.

James Kibbie – Bach Organ Works

Dr. James Kibbie presents his collection of Bach organ works on this page. He has recorded them on official baroque organs, making them available to the public for free.

Everyone can download them in an MP3 format and enjoy their masterfulness. Just go to the Familiar Masterworks, the Catalog, or search for specific tunes.

There’s even an opportunity to download more pieces in a group. Keep reading on Flix Expo.


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Most of the students are thinking of starting their career as a music producer. Before you send out the resumes to a number of music production companies, you need to know about the various job positions, which they are going to offer you. Music is a huge industry and there are undoubtedly diverse responsibilities, which need to be distributed among the specialists. This includes the process of recording as well as live productions to post-production as well. Depending on the expertise and the education level that you have, you can start working and get one of the best roles in the music production industry. According to, 90.2% is the graduation rate of students opting for music.

If you want to start your career and you already have the necessary determination as well as credentials that are required for working in the huge music industry, given below is a list of the significant jobs that you can consider.

Record producer

Everyone has heard about a record producer. A record producer is also known as the track producer or the music producer. This person is responsible for managing and overseeing the complete production as well as the recording process, irrespective of only a single song or a complete album. He is responsible for gathering different and unique musical ideas, helps in selecting the cover songs, hiring musicians, working closely with reputed artists for improving the songs, lyrics, and most importantly, the arrangements inside and outside the music studio. Choose the best music producing courses Mumbai for getting the best jobs.

Audio technician

The significant person who is responsible for ensuring the sound quality of a particular piece is an audio technician. He works with the artists and producers for determining and creating the different kinds of important sounds. His job is to take care of the various technical aspects that are associated with the recording. This is known to include setting up the recording devices, not only editing but also mixing the different sounds from numerous audio sources, testing and making repairs that are necessary for the recording equipment and keeping the backup copies. They are also responsible for setting the audio devices up, performing sound checks, and sound mixing.

Recording studio manager

A studio manager is responsible for handling and managing the daily operations of all the businesses going on in the recording studios. They can be the owners of a particular company or they can also be hired especially for this job. Studio managers do not need knowledge about the artistic and technical aspects related to music, but they definitely need to hire the engineers who will be capable of running the necessary pieces of equipment in the music studio. They need to have a good relationship with the brand managers, artists, as well as the producers, whom they are going to book. They also help in negotiating the prices and also market the music studio to the potential customers, who are interested in renting the studio.


The various other jobs include the songwriters, composers, instrumentalists, voice talents, and numerous other people. With the list that has been mentioned above, you can easily choose the career that you are dreaming of.

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It’s always nice to learn how to play an instrument. Not only does it help you forget about your everyday routine and troubles, but it gives you the freedom to be creative and express yourself in a different light. That’s why people are constantly searching for the best musical instrument out there.

Of course, since there are so many of them, it can be tougher to make the final choice and start learning. Luckily, some instruments fare better with both young and older learners, which is pretty handy in a situation like this. Not to mention that they aren’t over complicated and tough to play and produce all sorts of exciting sounds that listeners love.

One of them is the drum sets instrument, which sounds complex, but in truth can be easily handled. We’ll talk about it and some other great instruments here. So, follow suit!


  • 1 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Drum Sets Instrument

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Drum Sets Instrument

Not all people know what they are looking for when they first go to buy a drum set. With so many of them in the stores, it can get quite overwhelming when it comes to making your final decision about which one to get.

For this reason, you should have a few details in mind. Just don’t spend a lot of time worrying about the small things and focus on the main points that truly impact your experience with this instrument. We’ll go through them now.

Complete Sets vs. Shell Packs

Best Place To Download Classical Music For Free Streaming

You may not know it just yet, but when you encounter drum sets they can be fully equipped with hardware, drums, and cymbals or have just drums without the other two. The latter are known as shell packs and in most cases offer a higher quality than the whole package.

@ getty image

This is due to the fact that drummers with more experience want to get the shell packs and mix them with the other additions by themselves based on their preferences. On the other side, the beginners are strongly encouraged to consider getting the whole package because it’s more affordable and with it, you don’t need to make any more hard decisions.

Drum with Single or Double Bass

Many people that take playing the drums seriously decide to go for double bass drums. However, they may not always be suitable for you if you are just starting out with this.

Moreover, learning to control the drums with only one foot can be difficult enough, so including your other foot can turn into a nightmare for you. To evade this, stick with the single bass in the beginning and then as you progress you can advance to the double bass drums.

Sizes of the Shells

Another thing to have in mind is the size of the shells. Many people think that the bigger they are the better. But the truth is that the size is actually connected to the style you want to play.

Therefore, especially if you are new in this, you should choose between the jazz/fusion sized sets that produce lighter music and are smaller and the larger rock/standard sized sets, with which you can play heavier tunes.

Why Drum Sets Are Good for Children to Learn

Even though a lot of parents prefer quieter and gentler instruments for their children, this isn’t always the right thing. Why? Especially kids in their teenage years can face angst and a need to direct their feelings towards something positive. This is where the drums come in very handy.

They not only help children understand rhythm as the base of all music pieces, but they also allow them to play music without worrying too much about harmonies and other aspects that can be difficult for kids to learn. Instead, drums let them explore their talent to the fullest while letting go of everything that’s bothering them. This way parents can be certain that their anger is diverted to somewhere safe and productive.

Aside from this, the good news is that nowadays, thanks to the technological advancements, there are electronic drum sets. These sets make the whole space where the children are playing quieter because they get to listen to the music on their earphones without creating additional noise.

Other Musical Instruments

Despite the drum set as one of the easiest musical instrument to learn, some of the other instruments that fall in that category are:

  • Guitar – It’s simple and yet so intimate and powerful. Learning to play the strings of this instrument will help you learn songs in an easier way. Maybe because the songs made for the guitar are often acoustic and have fewer notes. This matures your manual dexterity, which is a skill of a great synchronization of your hands and fingers.
  • Ukulele – When you take a look at it, it’s very similar to the guitar – just smaller. The ukulele is extremely easy to learn, especially for newbies and even children. The popular songs you can play on the ukulele are fairly easy and fun. Note that it’s a bit quieter.
  • Saxophone – This instrument belongs in the woodwind category. If you’re wondering why beginners like it, it’s because of the versatility. What’s more, you can play songs from multiple genres like jazz, R&B, blues, and even rock! It’s great for crossing over with other instruments, too. A pro tip is to pick the size that perfectly fits your needs as the saxophone comes in different sizes, which can sometimes be confusing.
  • Piano (or other keyboard instruments) –Very popular in the past and still is. Parents all over the world sign their kids up for piano classes. The reason is that the piano music offers a foundation for music in general. All of the elements of music like rhythm, melody, dynamics, and such are found in the piano. Beginners can start their learning by just pressing one key, too. Although it’s not the easiest instrument you can learn out there, it can be worthwhile.

A Final Word

Is playing the drums your thing? Then we hope we helped you out pick the right drum sets for you. If you are a different type of person, there’s always the option to try some of the other instruments that can be easily learned.

No matter what you decide, share your experience with us here!

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The ability to listen to their favorite songs wherever and whenever they want makes people constantly look for the best places to get free music downloads. Luckily, the Internet is full of them, allowing you to explore a wide variety of artists and their songs.

Since they are so many, it may be tough to find the right ones, though. That’s why we’ve created this list to help you out. It contains completely legal sites with files that fall under the public domain or are approved for downloading by the artists, so you can listen to all of them freely. Also, you’ll get a chance to discover some entirely new pieces that you haven’t heard of before. You can try if you like to sing free classical music.

Have in mind that all files can be downloaded in the MP3 format and played on all of your devices including computers, phones, and tablets in a high quality.



On NoiseTrade there are thousands of artists offering their music for free and legally. You can choose to leave them a tip or promote them if you want to do something positive in return.

For easier searching, users will encounter categories on the homepage containing all the songs. They present what’s new and trending for you to see what the others like to listen to. Aside from this, there’s a search bar for exploring the site even further.

After making your decision, you can download the whole albums as ZIP files with the songs inside of them in MP3 format. You’ll only be asked to give your email address and ZIP code.


© Amazon

One of the most popular sites that incorporate free music downloads is Amazon. As with everything else, it has a vast library of songs from multiple artists available for taking.

On the specific page, you’ll see a table containing the title of the song, artist, album, and duration. Before saving a file, though, you have the opportunity to listen to it and decide if you like to keep it on your device. If you do, then you should press the ‘Free’ button and add the chosen songs to your cart. The same as when you’re buying something click on ‘Place Order’ during checkout and you’ll get the link for downloading the free files.

Free Music Archive

Users don’t need an account to download music from FMA. But in case you create one you’ll have a chance to craft your collections and communicate with the other users.

The site features songs that are either from the public domain library or Creative Commons indicating that they are lawful and can be freely taken and used.

Led by the radio station WFMU, it has pieces in almost all genres located in charts and categories that you can comb through Aside from this, there’s a blog that suggests great artists and songs that can be downloaded at once.


© Jamendo

Best Place To Download Classical Music For Free Live

Streaming and downloading are both options on Jamendo. So, if you’re more into listening songs over and over again and having them on your device, then you should go for the free downloading feature.

All songs are willingly given by the artists with the intention to share them with the world, enabling you to download whichever you like without any legal issues. They can be explored in the categories ‘Best of’, ‘Trending’, and ‘Latest’ as well as through the search bar. If you don’t find the right music for you there, though, you can tune in to the radio and pick something from there. All songs can be instantly downloaded by pressing the respective button next to each song.

Note that there are Jamendo apps that you can use on your Smartphone or tablet, too.


Audio Library of the Internet Archive

© Internet Archive

This library has millions of free audio results accompanied by artists in multiple genres. They include everything from songs and podcasts to radio programs and the Live Music Archive, which attracts the most attention.

Everyone in search of downloads is able to sort the results by the title, artist, the date when they were uploaded, and the most viewed ones. They can be downloaded in MP3 and OGG format.


SoundCloud is focused mainly on artists that are new in the music industry. However, some of the already established ones upload their songs there, as well. This widens your selection of files to download.

While not all songs can be downloaded due to being published on the site for streaming, there are many that you can get. They have a button for downloading beside them and some may ask you to like a certain Facebook page before showing the downloading option.


© PureVolume

Artists upload their works directly on this site making them available to all the users. All of the songs are grouped into featured songs, top downloads, top songs, most popular and new albums as well as artists.

The files can be taken in MP3 with no need to make an account.


What’s special about this site is that it allows users to download music from the respective websites of the artists. They give this opportunity by themselves.

To decide which songs you want to download you can dive into the genres and charts, discovering them all. Aside from this, you can listen to the radio, create your own radio stations, and interact with the other listeners.

Only mind that even though a lot of the songs are free, some artists require a payment before downloading their tracks while others offer only streaming options.


Best place to download classical music for free youtube

© CCTrax

Downloading or listening to the songs on CCTrax without paying for anything can be done without an account. The site offers a lot of tracks that are a part of the Creative Commons license in categories such as jazz, dub, down tempo, techno, electronic, and ambient to everyone. There’s even an option for getting a whole album at once.

After pressing on a specific title, users are redirected to a page where they can download the tracks in MP3 or FLAC format and find out more details about them like when they were released, in which country, their label as well as genre. Keep watching on Flix Expo for more stuffs.

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The development of the Internet and its tools has broadened the possibilities users have when it comes to going online. This includes listening to free music. There are numerous sites that provide these services, allowing everyone to explore their favorite artists and songs without paying for anything.

However, the number of platforms offering this is huge. That’s why users usually have a hard time deciding where to listen to music online and which sites to trust. To help you out, we compiled this list of the top platforms for listening free music online to give you a chance to make your final decision at once. All of them are unique in their own way, with various options for easily reaching the songs and artists. You’ll encounter big music collections that you can explore quickly and even listen on the radio as a lot of sites have this feature, as well.

Only have in mind that many platforms feature advertisements that may play while you’re listening, so you’ll need to hear them through. Sometimes you’re allowed to skip them, but that depends on the site’s rules.



Operating more like a live radio, iHeartRadio is also a website and an app for streaming music. Depending on your region and genre preferences, you can choose from multiple stations that the platform displays for you.

Moreover, you’re free to create your own station that’ll contain all your favorite singles and artists. iHeartRadio will assist you with that after you share which songs you want to hear. Based on that, it’ll play similar tracks to what you have listened before.

It works on a lot of devices like computers, mobile phones, TVs, tablets, smartwatches and such through the iHeartRadio app.


SoundCloud is a flexible site that has music from artists from around the globe. And you won’t find only studio-recorded tracks, but ones that are made at home, as well. Basically, users and singers upload their audio on the site for everyone to hear.

For easier usage, you have the option to browse through what’s popular or search for a certain artist or song and enjoy the track. But aside from songs, you’ll find podcasts available to listen to, too.

It’s ( a music site dedicated to providing free listening and downloading options.

What’s specific about it is that it picks radio stations based on your artists preferences – a certain artist and similar others. It can easily connect with other streaming platforms, too.

There’s an option for you to discover artists with features like ‘Spiking Artists’.

If you’re interested, you can download the app for your phone, tablet or another device.


Spotify is currently one of the most famous and utilized platforms for listening to free music online. This is due to the fact that it contains millions of songs and some of the most buzzed-about artists offer their songs there.

There are plenty features that you can try starting from searching for the songs you like to hear, making playlists and following other people’s playlists to seeing what your friends listen to and sharing your favorite tracks with them.

What’s more, it’s available on multiple devices for free, but can be utilized only in the countries that approve it.


This is another free service that features a wide range of music. What makes it slightly different than the rest is the option to connect to YouTube without leaving the site. Moreover, the albums you like to hear are linked to the music videos of the specific songs that are uploaded on YouTube.

Also, you aren’t obliged to have an account either on MusixHub or on YouTube. You can connect your Facebook account, though, in order to be able to save your preferences in a private collection.


While you can listen to the singers that you already know, here you’ll be able to discover some new names, as well. In fact, after you provide the details connected to your favorite genre or artist, the platform will generate a station that contains similar music to what you prefer.

The fact that the number of songs you can hear per day isn’t limited gives everyone an opportunity to listen to as many artists and their songs as they like. But you can make no more than one hundred radio stations.

Incus Tunes

To access all the available tracks, users should make a free account on Incus Times. That’ll allow them to listen to an unlimited number of songs that can be found in the site’s library.

And you can explore the site by checking out all the singles that are listened to by a lot of other users and are therefore displayed on the homepage. Then, you can search for your top artists and songs by yourself, as well.

When it comes to your own playlist, you can choose whether you want to share it on your website or blog or keep it private only for you to listen to.


Much like the rest online radio stations that can be streamed for free, Jango enables people to create their own playlists and fill them with songs that they like. It’s very simple to utilize on your computer and has one special feature.

You have the chance to listen to the stations of other people and they are able to listen to yours in return.

TuneIn Radio

The large collection of audio files contributes to this platform’s popularity. Although it’s similar to the others out there, especially since it helps you access free stations both locally and globally, it has a few original things to offer.

All the stations can be explored by sports, music, news, podcasts as well as audiobooks. This only widens your choice options. So, you can end up listening to anything from relaxing and rock music, to sport stations and books.

As TuneInRadio can be used on your smartphone or tablet as well as on your computer, users can download its app. Also, all your favorite stations can be kept in your account for later access.


AccuRadio is a free streaming online radio that allows you to pick whether you want to listen to a station containing songs from your preferred genre or you want the platform to generate a station for you.

Registering for an account without paying for it is also an option. With it, you receive fewer advertisements while the songs are playing as well as mark certain channels as your favorite and customizing them the way you want.



If you’re serious about learning how to play guitar, you’ve probably spent some time looking around the internet for some free sheet music to download.

If you’ve spent some time looking for sheet music, you’ve also probably discovered that finding sheet music or free guitar tabs is extremely difficult to find. I know that I personally would prefer to spend more time playing guitar than to spend endless hours looking across the Internet to find new songs to learn on guitar.

Some of the sites that are listed in this article are for specific genres or instruments only; we have some sites that only offer operatic pieces or vintage pieces of music, but there is something here for everyone on this site. Some of these sites only offer music for guitars, while others offer music for instruments of all sorts.

The one thing that all of these sites have in common is that they all allow you to download music for free, which is great! After spending so much money on an instrument, you’re going to want to find some music to play, without having to spend any money. Today, we’re delivering to you the best sites to get guitar music from for free!


IMSLP stands for the International Music Score Library Project, which operates under Canadian copyright laws. This site has a giant collection of music with a large selection of contributing artists adding to the site daily. One of my favorite parts about this website is how organized everything is.

A lot of free music websites are hard to operate because there’s so much random music around the site, with no real direction to the site. However, IMSLP is well organized with a great selection of high-quality documents. I didn’t like the downloading process for the site; I found it to be a bit difficult to operate the downloading process, which tended to be a bit confusing.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

If you’ve been a part of the guitar community for at least a few weeks, chances are that you’ve heard of the site called Ultimate Guitar Tabs. This is a site that’s an all in one type of site for musicians all across the board. However, a lot of musicians don’t understand how to properly use Ultimate Guitar tabs, which is what we’re going talk about today.

When using Ultimate Guitar Tabs, you’re going to want to search through their highly rated tabs. Their community has a five-star community rating system for all of the tabs that are submitted onto their site; look for the tabs that have a solid five-star rating with a lot of votes to the tab. This is how to find the best and more accurate tabs on Ultimate Guitar tabs.

8 Notes

8 Notes is operated by an English music company that offers a large variety of resources for not only guitarists but all sorts of musicians and enthusiast. 8 Notes provides guitar tabs for free, all on an interactive interface. All of the guitar tabs and sheet music that’s offered on this site is downloadable in different formats, like GIF, MIDI, PDF, and mp3.

If I’m being nit picky about this site, the only complaint that I had is that they don’t offer a giant selection of today’s pop music hits.

Free Scores

Free Scores is a French site that offers free Guitar Tabs to musicians all over the world; there is a large selection of sheet music and guitar tabs to provide songs to play and practice guides for musicians and enthusiasts.

While using this site, I really enjoyed that it was easy to find music per the instrument I played. On other sites I’ve used, I will have to sort through the instrumentation myself, but that was already done for me with Free scores.

The downloadable content is also available in several different formats, which is really great to have if you play guitar using different devices, such as a laptop, tablet, or a phone.The biggest complaint that I have about Free Scores is that some of the content is available only to registered users.

Guitar Forge

Download Classical Music Free Mp3

If you’re looking for a site that will provide you with an unlimited amount of downloads, Guitar Forge will be your best bet. While the basic interface of the site may make it seem like there aren’t any good downloads available on the site, there is a great selection of music that’s perfect for someone who isn’t interested in learning how to play tabs.

All of the sheet music that’s on this site is easy to find, as this Guitar Forge is extremely use and navigate. My biggest complaint about Free Sheet Music is that there are a lot of ads on the site, which does make it look to be a bit on the messier side.

Band Music PDF

This is a public library of sheet music and guitar tabs that are aimed towards vintage music from the Golden Times. If you’re into vintage music from some of the most famous artists from the Golden Times, you’ve struck gold with this site, no pun intended.

All of the sheet music on this site is completely free and the downloads are of incredible quality. The only downside that we’ve already mentioned is that this site only has vintage music.

Easy Sheet Music

While this site is probably only intriguing to a small portion of our audience, I still feel like this site is worth mentioning. If you’re interested in learning the accompaniment to operatic songs, Easy Sheet Music offers tabs for operatic accompaniment for guitar. There is sheet music available on this site, but this sheet music was comprised for pianos.

The quality of the guitar tabs are well organized, but you are limited to three free downloads per a day, which I found to be pretty annoying. There is also a small collection of guitar tabs on this site because it seems to be the main aim of the site to be for piano music, but there are still some guitar tabs available for downloading.


I would suggest Delcamp to intermediate or experienced musicians who are interested in composing. Delcamp is a site where users create their own compositions and upload them to Delcamp; from Delcamp, you can download these individual compositions.

However, there are a lot of guitar tabs on this site, but if you’re a beginning musician, you can’t listen to a recording of a song to know if you’re actually playing the song properly like you can with other download sites. There aren’t any ads on this site and there are free tutorial videos available on certain songs.

The site is easy to navigate and download music on; all of the music that I’ve downloaded on the site is high quality, easy to read, and is printable.

Free Sheet Music

I love using free sheet music for my private lessons because there is a great selection of different genres of music, which is really impressive for a number of resources that have been placed onto the site. All of the documents have quick links, so I don’t have to waste time looking around for the download button or how to save the music to my computer.

The site itself is extremely friendly to use, which just adds to the overall positive experience of using Free Sheet Music.

Best Place To Download Classical Music For Free Youtube

Google Image Search

I often use Google Image Search to find practice tabs and even sets of sheet music to pop songs without having to pay a single penny. The only problem with using Google Image Search is that it can take a lot of time and effort to find a single complete song or tab.

There’s a whole bunch of content on the internet in all of the styles, niches, and instruments that you could think of. By using Google Image Search, I’ve been able to find sheet music for songs that I could never seem to find on tabs!

Guitar Tabs

With an organized collection of famous music tracks readily available on Guitar Tabs, this website is great to use if you’re looking to find sheet music that’s available in not only guitar but multiple other instruments as well. Don’t be discouraged by the lacking interface, as this site does have a great amount of music that modern day musicians would find a lot of fun to play.


Books are also a great source to find some decent guitar tabs if you simply can’t find anything online that you’re interested in. You can find sheet music books and guitar tab book in any music store or on Amazon.

However, if you spend some time to thoroughly look through all of the music that all of these sites offer, you’re bound to find mounds of guitar music that you will want to play. Good luck on your hunt for music!

Danny grew up playing anything that looked like a guitar. Since some kids just don’t know how to grow up, he continues to write about guitars because you can do that these days.