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Download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator for Free. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) by Landfall is a competitive physics based battle simulator. It has a variety of game modes and features that supports online multiplayer. It is a game where you can make your own battles and watch them unfold in a hilarious and often unpredictable way. Page 1 of 5 - Fun & Games At The Command Prompt - posted in Tips and Tricks: Here's a cheap trick to amuse yourself when you get bored. Open a command prompt (Start, Run, cmd, OK) and enter the.

Cmd Game Download

Game information

Also known as:
  • Doom: Evil Unleashed (working title)
Category:First-Person Shooter
More details:MobyGames
Violence:This game includes violence
Part of group:
DOSBox:Supported (show details)

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You can play DOOM on this website so you don't need to download and install the game on your computer. We recommend to use Google Chrome when playing DOS games online.

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FileFile typeFile size
executable: DOOM.BAT
configured for DOSBox
Shareware (installed)
2,377 kB
(2.32 MB)
includes installer
2,393 kB
(2.34 MB)

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The Ultimate

Command Prompt Game


Cmd snake game download

The shareware version contains the entire first episode of the game, Knee-Deep in the Dead.

NOTE: This game has a native Windows version but it is recommended to use a third-party source port (see the links section below).


Description (by id Software)

You're a space marine armed with a mere pistol. Your mission is to locate more substantial firepower, blow your way through an onslaught of undead marines and mutant demons from hell, and navigate yourself off a radioactive moon base. In order to survive, not only do you have to make it through the first 27 blood-splattered levels of Doom, you also have to get through nine more incredibly tough expert levels in the all-new episode 'Thy Flesh Consumed.'


Cheats (by

Cmd Game Download

Type in these codes one letter at a time during the game to cheat:

IDBEHOLD then A gives you the area map
IDBEHOLD then I makes you invisible
IDBEHOLD then L gives you the nightvision goggles
IDBEHOLD then R gives you radiation suit
IDBEHOLD then S turns on berserker
IDBEHOLD then V makes you invincible
IDCHOPPERS gives you the Chainsaw!
IDCLEV##: level warp (first # is episode 1-3, second # is level 1-9)
IDDQD: toggle God mode
IDDT: shows entire map (type while in map view), type again to show monsters/items, a third time goes back to normal
IDKFA: gives you all weapons, keys and ammo
IDMYPOS: gives your coordinates (x,y)
IDSPISPOPD: turns clipping off (walk through walls)

Cmd Game Download Free

Game links

  • Roland SC-55 Music Packs (HQ music for source ports) tip
  • The Adventures of Square (Doom engine game)
  • Chocolate Doom (Doom engine cross-platform port) tip
  • Roland ED SC-D70 Music Packs (HQ music for source ports) tip
  • Doomworldtip
  • Crispy Doom (cross-platform Doom port) tip


Cmd Game Download Pc

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File types

Learning has never been so easy!

4 Steps total

First we need to make sure telnet is enabled on your machine. NOTE: This may not be the most secure thing to keep enabled long-term. To enable Telnet on a Windows 7,8 or 10 machine go to Programs and Features in the control panel and then Turn Windows Features on or Off. You should be able to hit it from there.

Cmd Game Codes

Go to Start > Run > and type CMD then hit enter. Command prompt will magically appear in front of you.

Cmd Game Download

Enter the following into command prompt: telnet

Command Prompt Commands Games

From here just follow the on-prompt instructions. You will be asked to create a character name and password (don't use too common of a name since it already has a lot of test characters in there). You will then be asked to pick a character class, and then a sub class, and then a skill set, and then you are on your way. Enjoy!

Cmd Game Download Windows


Cmd Snake Game Download

  • Wonder if we can convince someone to spin it up so people can play zork over telnet as well.

  • Great.. now how am I supposed to get any work done!

    'Aardwolf RPG is a unique and free text based roleplaying game. Aardwolf is based in the fantasy world of Andolor where magic is common and there are hundreds of exotic realms to explore, puzzles to solve and quests to complete. Aardwolf features a realistic game world with multiple continents and real geography. Each area includes a real time line-of-sight overhead map to see other characters and points of interest around you.'

    Never heard of this until now. But I am intrigued!

  • Awesome takes me back to classic MUD days. You used to have to know the phone number for the server :)

  • Wow I didn't expect to see a MUD how-to. That takes me back...

  • been a while .. yes .. brings back memories of a time before all the graphics got in the way of a good story line :)

  • I you have Ubuntu on Windows 10 then you no longer even have to enable telnet in windows features just open the bash prompt and MUD to your hearts content.

  • That is awesome!! I haven't seen a MUD since my high school days and the teletype readout!! I'll have to spin up a character and play around a little :)

  • Very cool! Seeing that really takes you back... Ascii Art FTW! :D

  • really surprised to see a howto on this. I always used mushclient since i could set macros. my personal favorite was everwar, but it's pretty much dead

  • Please tell me, is there LORD and Druglord to play too?!

  • Reminds me of being a young kid playing Star Trader 2002 on BBSs.

  • Takes me back to 'You are in total darkness!' that I played about 40 years ago!! Back then, you had to type the program all in, then save to an audio tape, so you could play it more than once.

  • Use Putty and you can have colors too. So much fun.

  • This gives a whole new meaning to Throw Back Thursday! Perfect for a snow day!

  • Yes, the good old days! MUDs are how I was introduced to roleplaying as a young, impressionable child on the Interwebz. It was also one of my early introductions to command line interfaces - the other was loading floppy disks on my Commodore 64 before I knew how to read! I just knew what the screen had to look like to play muh games! More than 20 years on RPGs and computers are still my life! I guess MUDs are to blame.