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Funny music is anything typically light in nature, and used in a comedy scene. Funny music is used in film to put the audience into a happy mood. Although the music is often light and happy, it can also be an extreme exaggeration of any genre, which makes the scene or film funny.

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This funny song track feels like jazzy comedy royalty free music and is very light hearted and silly.

Funny, Jazz

Funny sneaky royalty free music for that innocent rascal.


Slow funny film background royalty free music with a very light jazz feeling.

Funky, Funny, Jazz

This comedy music is light, upbeat and groovy.


This track is all about that moment when someone says something extremely stupid and dumb.

Funny, Temp Track

Upbeat song with a silly dance theme and funny sound effects.


Slow and simple funny track for comedy videos.


Funny track with a trouble-making holiday theme.

Funny, Christmas

Upbeat, funny, 8 bit track with high intensity.

Funny, 8-Bit

Fun, upbeat, minor-key drinking song with male singers and honky-tonk tack piano.

Funny, Upbeat, Russian

Upbeat, funny EDM track with Russian/Slavic elements.

Funny, EDM Dance, Russian

Fun, upbeat minor-key electro-swing.

Funky, Funny, Upbeat, Italian

Fun, upbeat Italian dance in a minor key.

Funny, Upbeat, Italian

Upbeat, fast-paced traditional Italian tarantella.

Funky, Funny, Italian

Quirky track with both a happy, funny vibe and a subtle minor tone.

Funky, Funny, Happy, Upbeat, JazzTamil comedy video free download

Funny, upbeat track, with a quirky vocal element and a classic 60s jazzy feel.

Funky, Funny, Jazz

Slow jazz track with a dark, smoky atmosphere.

Funky, Funny, Jazz

Funky track with a confident vibe.

Funky, Funny

Funny track with lots of energy.

Funny, Happy

Funny tune that makes it sound like someone sneaky is looking for trouble.

Funky, Funny

Explosive circus music full of cheers and fun.


Funky silly beat with disco bass.

Funky, Funny

Funky and silly techno beat.

Funky, Funny, EDM Dance, Techno

Light upbeat happy music featuring Ukulele.

Happy, Upbeat, Commercial And Advertising, Funny

Upbeat jazz music with a fun swinging feel.

Funny, Jazz, Commercial And Advertising

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Summary: how to batch download comedy movies 1080p, 4K 2160p from movie sharing sites? Here this post shares with you the most effective way, alongside with the list of best comedy movies of all time.

Comedy is a subjective thing. One person may think clever wordplay is the soul of comedy, while someone else may regard the expression, gesture and story plot in a comically exaggerated way as the core of comedy. So while it may be tough to judge, there's no denying that a strong combination of humor, entertainment, and healthy, nourishing story plot will result in a great funny movie being considered one of the best of all time. With that in mind, here is our list of the top 6 comedy movies of all time.

Part 1: List of Best Comedy Movies of All Time

Top 1 - Dumb and Dumber (1994)

Which would be qualified as the best comedy movie of all time with days passing by? No doubt the best comedy film must constantly please its audience and let audience gain something good after watching. Based on this criterion, the classic funny movie named Dumb and Dumber unquestionably wins the gold medal of best comedies ever.

This best Hollywood comedy movie stars the top funny actor Jim Carrey and his buddy Jeff Daniels to present you loads of funny stories happening during their adventure journey. And these two kind-hearted yet a tad stupid guys use their pureness and goodness to successfully defeat the bad guys. And in the list of best comedy films of 2014, its sequel Dumb and Dumber To is also out of this world and sets the world on fire. Not watched yet? Just action now!

Top 2 - When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Here our list of best comedy romantic movies not only includes the funny plots and slap-happy figures, but also the relaxing yet romantic comedy, as well. And the best Hollywood romantic filmsof comedy genre goes to our familiar yet warm When Harry Met Sally, which narrates the intimate old friends know each other for years, but they fear sex would ruin their friendship.

To make audience happy, Harry eventually confesses his deep love for Sally. And his best and classic words are still touching women' hearts. 'It's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve, I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.'. And this best romantic comedy movie is also considered as one of the top New Eve movies must-see.

Providing you are the one who prefer to watch this best comedy movie with optimum DVD quality, go to Amazon to get its DVD version and you can enjoy the best Hollywood comedy film with best video quality and 5.1 channels Dolby AC3/DTS audio on your DVD player. In case of unexpected damage or scratch of the best comedy movie DVDs, you can resort to the top-notch MacX DVD Ripper Pro, an A-list DVD ripper software to remove any DVD copy protection (Region Code, CSS, CPRM, Sony ARccOS, Disney DRM, etc.) and backup your DVD with 1:1 lossless quality in 5 mins only (advanced Intel QSV supported). Newly updated DVD ripper can even conquer your non-standard DVDs, including workout DVDs, fitness DVDs, Beachbody DVDs, 99-title DVDs, AV (Japanese) DVDs, no DVD tilte detecting problem.


Top 3 - 22 Jump Street (2014)

Comedy Video Free Download Mp3Comedy Video Free Download Mp3Download

2014 best recent comedy movie for action film lovers surely belongs to the highly sought-after 22 Jump Street, the sequel, which still continues the funny yet action style to tell the story of the two officers Schmidt and Jenko, who now change their way to deep undercover at a local college after gaining previous triumph in high school (twice). During the procedure of cracking the case, their relationship is a little bit different, slowly in subtle changes.

Top 4 - Men in Black (1997)

Speaking of top funniest movies for black comedy addicts, the first one appears on your searching radar might be the classic black comedy film Men in Black, I guess. In this comedy film, Will Smith stars as James Darrel Edwards, a streetwise New York City cop. Recruited by 'K', James joins a secret organization that polices extraterrestrial affairs on Earth. This comedy movie is regarded as the must-see film for Will Smith fans. If you are, have a review on it!

Top 5 - Minions (2015)

If you are the loyal fans of minions from Despicable Me and eager to watch more video footages of the adorable minions, then the upcoming 2015 animated comedy movie Minions you shouldn't miss!

Wrote by Brian Lynch, Minions tells the story of three minions: Stuart, Kevin and Bob, who are recruited by Scarlet Overkill, a super-villain, alongside her inventor husband Herb, conspires to rule the world. How would these lovely minions to stop this horrible conspiracy? Guess now and wait for this animated movie to illustrate the answer.

Top 6 - 3 Idiots (2009)

For Indian movie buffs, the sensational 3 Idiots is no doubt the best Bollywood movie in comedy genre that you can download from best hindi movie download sites, which applies its unique humor of Indian style and exaggeration to make you laugh from the very beginning to the end. Besides the abundant funny points, this best Bollywood comedy movie also gives us food for thought.

The main plot is that two friends are searching for their long lost companion. They revisit their college days and recall the memories of their friend who inspired them to think differently, even as the rest of the world called them 'idiots'.

2015 Best Comedy Movies Worth a Download

Comedy Video Free Download Mp4 Tamil

  • 1. Mortdecai, Jan.23rd
  • 2. Get Hard, Mar. 27th
  • 3. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Apr 17th
  • 4. Gemma Bovery, May 29th
  • 5. Spy, Jun 5th
  • 6. Ted 2, Jun 26th
  • 7. Minions, Jul 10th
  • 8. Pixels, Jul 24th

Part 2: Best Comedy Funny Movies to Watch Online or Download for Offline Enjoyment?

Watched all the funny films above? If no, it's never too late to entertain yourself with the top funniest movies. You can go to YouTube to watch them online since YouTube is the biggest video sharing site sweeping up every comedy movie you interest in. But the only drawback is that you will always be bothered by the annoying ads and endless buffering or freezing when watching movies on YouTube online. Fortunately, there is one solution to liberate you from this predicament. That is free downloading comedy movies so as to watch best funniest films offline with nary a hitch.

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Step 2: Choose video format, resolution and file size that you desire.

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