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Delta Force: Xtreme Air Conflict is the PC video game sequel of the successful Delta Force series of games, created by Canadian developer NovaLogic. The new game promises to be even more action packed than its predecessors, in terms of both story and gameplay. In Delta Force: Xtreme, you are to take command of the U.S. Military's 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and save the world from destruction. You'll get to take on new enemies, new settings, new missions, improved graphics and more.


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8/10 (127 Votes) Download. The army's special operations groups have been the main theme for the development of various video game sagas along the years, like Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six or Delta Force. One of the latest is Delta Force: Xtreme 2, an FPS that will attract the attention of most players that like online combats. After trying my first network game on NovaWorld (NovaLogic’s free servers), I was amazed at how quickly two or three hours passed. Delta Force offers a variety of online gameplay modes: Cooperative, Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Capture the Flag. NovaLogic encourages formation of squads and even sponsors tournaments.


For those of you familiar with the Delta Force series, it is set in the near future, during the events of the Cold War. As part of the military's rapid response team, you must fight to stay alive against an unknown threat that has infiltrated the U.S. bases and taken over the few remaining independent troops on the ground. As a member of the first-person perspective, you are given the chance to engage in all sorts of real-life missions - combat, recon, surveillance, and more. The game presents an extreme depiction of how a war can really unfold - including the chaotic environment in which the military teams are operating and the ever-changing, often-impossible circumstances under which they must work together. The single player campaign Delta Force: Xtreme Air Conflict offers 12 original levels, four different multiplayer modes (including a 'Deathmatch' setting), two single-player challenges and a number of hidden objectives. If you're looking for a single player shooter video game that is fun and challenging, you won't find any better.

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When you buy Delta Force: Xtreme Air Conflict, you're not just buying a visual product; you're buying a tool for teaching and learning. That's because this is one of the most comprehensive and thought-out single player strategy games on the market, and it's designed to give gamers the most interactive, engrossing experience possible. If you've been looking for an intense first-person shooter with an air of mystery and intrigue, you won't find a better tool at your disposal.