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VLC Media player is not only a great tool for saving online audio streams, but its features allow us to even download online videos. Online videos that normally play in browsers can be played with VLC Media Player. Additionally, those playable online videos can also be saved to your personal computer. Not many are aware of this feature.

How to download MP3 music from YouTube fastest. 1 Paste the YouTube link or enter keywords in the search box. 2 Choose MP3 output format and quality then click the 'Download' button. 3 Wait a few seconds for the conversion to complete MP3 and download the file to your device.

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  • When highlighted, click on Convert under the File menu. Selecting the Create MP3 Version will convert the songs to an MP3 file. Once you do this, you can now download songs to your MP3 player. Plug your MP3 player into your computer. Then, open iTunes and select the songs that you want to download into your MP3 player. Copy the selected songs.

The process of downloading online video from video hosting sites is quite similar to the process of downloading streaming audio. There are two methods that you can follow for this. They are explained below in detail.

To download online video using VLC Media Player

Download Mp3 From Online Player Free

Method 1

  1. Go to Media > Open Network Stream [CTRL + N]
  2. Enter the web address of your video. For this example we will use the liveleak video available at:
  3. Click on the little arrow right next to the Play button. A drop down will display. From there select the “Stream” option. [ALT + S is the shortcut.]
  4. The Source information will be displayed. Just click on next.
  5. In the Destination Setup step, make sure that the new destination is selected as File. Click on Add.
  6. In the Save file dialog box, click on Browse and navigate to where you want to save the video. Then give your video a name. In this example we will save it as an MP4 file, so the video name for this file is: video.mp4. Click on next to go to the next step.
  7. Make sure that the Activate Transcoding option is checked. In that option select “Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4)”. This ensures that your saved video will be a H.264 video with MP3 audio enclosed in an MP4 container. As usual, hit Next.
  8. In the next option, just click on Stream.
  9. Downloading will start within moments. The seconds (timer) of VLC will begin to increase and the video position in the progress bar will also begin to move.
    You will know that your video has been downloaded once the Video progress bar moves to the end.
    After everything is completed, you will find the full downloaded video in the location that you chose before.

*Note: Remember that most videos are subject to copyright. Download only videos which come with free license.

Method 2

Using this method, you will get the direct link to the video. Then that URL can be used to save the file using your browser or a download manager.

  1. Click on Media > Open Network Stream. [CTRL + N]
  2. Enter the video URL. For example:
  3. Click on the “Play” button.
  4. Once the video begins playing, go to Tools > Codec Information. [CTRL + J]
  5. Select the full URL from “Location” and copy it. [Right Click > Select All (CTRL + A)] and [Right Click > Copy (CTRL+C)]
    You just got the direct link to the video. It is usually long. Example:
  6. Open your browser and paste the URL in the address bar.
  7. From the menu of your browser, select “Save page as” or just press CTRL + S.
  8. Give a file name, choose a file location and save it.
Download Mp3 From Online Player

*Note: You can also use the URL and download it using your download manager.

MP3 Juice – FAQs

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The frequently asked questions in this section are collected for all MP3 Juice users. Check the answers below. If you still have questions, please contact us directly.

Is it legal to use MP3 Juice?

The answer regarding whether it is legal to download MP3 music with MP3Juices varies. There are two factors that determine legality. It is only legal to use MP3 Juice when you download royalty-free music for uncommercial purposes.

To be specific, when you use MP3 juice to download royalty-free music or download copyrighted music that is made available by the artist, it is legal. On the contrary, if you download copyrighted music with MP3 Juice, and use it to make a profit, you will be penalized.

In sum, MP3 Juice site is a neutral tool itself. The legality largely depends on users’ behavior.

Why is there no search result?

Search may fail due to the following reasons:

Download Mp3 From Online Player

Windows Mp3 Player Free Download

  1. The keywords you entered do not exist.
  2. The URL you pasted is invalid.
  3. The connection is interrupted.

Can I download MP3 music to my iPhone?

DownloadDownload Mp3 From Online PlayerFree

Download Mp3 From Online Player Online

Sure. There’s a makeshift. You need to install Documents by Readdle, a professional iOS file manager. Visit with the built-in browser of Documents. Find the video in the search box of the MP3 Juice site. Tap on Download of the video and select a format to download it. After the download completes, head over to My Files>Downloads of Documents for the downloaded music. You can enjoy music on Documents directly.