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  • Although file sharing programs and digital music stores are popular ways to download music, many Internet users still download songs hosted on websites. Downloading these songs from a URL (web link) allows the song to be saved to the computer for future listening.

Each Spotify Songs have its own link to share or listen to your favorite Spotify songs, album, artists, playlists and etc. However, it is inconvenient to listen to Spotify Music with the Spotify link. So how to download Spotify link to MP3 files so that you can get rid of this trouble? Here is the best Spotify Link to MP3 converter for you. Get started here to learn about it.

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1. Best Spotify Link to MP3 Converter Recommend

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is a newly released but professional Spotify ripper from TuneFab software., for downloading music from Spotify playlists, albums and tracks by Spotify URL or link, so that you can enjoy Spotify Music on various kinds of devices, like tablets, MP3 players. Besides the features above, you can learn more from the main features below.

2. Main Features of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

There are lots of reasons for Spotify users to take TuneFab Spotify Music Converter Lite into consideration. Features listed above you can learn more about the details of the Lite version.

1. Support basic needs of Spotify: Spotify Albums, Spotify Playlists, Spotify Tracks.

2. Rip Spotify music into 4 kinds of general music formats: MP3, M4A, WAV(Windows User Only), FLAC.

3. 2 Conversion speed is available: For Windows, the conversion speed reaches up to 5X conversion speed, while Mac, currently 1X conversion speed.

4. Adjust bitrate or sample rate to change the file size and acoustical output (128, 256, 320 Kbps are available).

5. Allow directly downloading the Spotify link easily.

Here it is worth to underline that unlike other music rippers, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter can allow users to download the music by just copy and paste the Spotify music link to the search bar. Meaning, that you can download the Spotify music even if you just have the Spotify link but without repeatedly searching for the playlists.

3. Download Spotify link to MP3 with TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Step 1. Download & Launch TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Click the above 'Try It Free' button to download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter on your computer and launch it. Following we will take the Windows system as an example.

Step 2. Add Songs from Spotify

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter allows users to convert Spotify Link to MP3 with the following 2 methods.

Method 1: Copy the Spotify link(URL) from Spotify, and then paste it into the search bar of the converter to get ready for loading the Spotify music to convert.

Method 2: Select your favorite music from Spotify interface, click and hold to drag them to TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

Step 4. Select MP3 as Your Output Format

It is easy to choose the music formats on TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. Just clicking to Menu and then Preferences for choosing output format. Under Advanced, you can select the music formats from the drop-down lists of Output Format. Here are 4 audio formats are available. For Windows, you can get MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV, however, for Mac, you can get MP3, M4A, FLAC.

Download Music Url Link For Computer

After that, just click to 'Convert All' and then you can move onto the next step.

Step 5. Convert Spotify Link to MP3 at One Click

Just waiting for a while, then you can get Spotify URL converted and saved as your desired audio formats. For viewing the converted files, click the 'Finished' button on the center of the main interface and then you can enjoy Spotify music in MP3 files at ease.

After the conversion procedure finished, you can get the MP3 files of Spotify music, and enjoy them on your devices offline and getting rid of clicking or loading the Spotify Link. With TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, you can download Spotify Link to MP3 easily within several simple steps which have been introduced above. Hope this post can make contributions for you. Enjoy!

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