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If you enjoy casual gaming with your friends, this is something just for you. Today we present a simple but entertaining browser game. It promises a lot of fun for all kinds of players. The game could easily serve the functions of a pleasant time killer as well as an introduction to the multiplayer genre.


What is it all about?
Tank Trouble unblocked is a game that is adding an unprecedented flair to the world of multiplayer gaming. This game offers a joyful and relaxing way to spend time with your friends or to play alone. It comes with a wide range of playing modes. In the game, you can fight against either artificial intelligence or other players. Thanks to the creative interface, it is possible to play in a group of three while using the same computer!

The rules are pretty straightforward and even the novice players can learn the tricks pretty easily. You have only one objective besides steering your machine through this digital world. You want to survive until the end of the match and destroy the enemy vehicle. No advanced strategies or skills are required. You do not even need a professional gaming computer. All it takes is your internet browser, keyboard, and mouse.

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How to play?
Unblocked Tank Troubles is a game designed for a single-player and a multiplayer mode. While playing against AI, the player faces Laika as their gaming rival. In a multiplayer mode, up to three people can play using the same machine. The game developers enabled controlling three vehicles at once. Thanks to it, you steer the tanks using the keyboard and mouse only.

The first of the players control his machine by using the E, S, D, and F buttons to move, and the Q button to shoot.


The second of the players move his tank by pressing the keyboard arrows or the M button to fire.

Tank Trouble 2 Player

The third player steers the vehicle by using the mouse and shoots by clicking it.

Download Tank Trouble Flash Games

The game is free to play, click here to take a look at it.

Useful tips
Sometimes Tank Troubles 2 can become a real challenge. It is good to know a few tricks, especially when playing against other people. Tips for new players are useful when they still don’t know that:

– Projectiles can bounce against the virtual walls and hit the enemy tank from aside.

– The matches are about speed and the good timing of your attacks.

– The game gives chances to improve the player’s tank and they shouldn’t be wasted!

– Now that you have discovered the game, there is only one thing left to be done. Open your browser and test your skills in steering a tank!

This game on your phone:
Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Now you can download an application and play this game on your device. Android and iOS are supported so far.

Video on YouTube:
This is a really old video guide from YouTube, but it explains perfectly well the mechanics of the game and how to play it.

Tank Trouble Unblocked is really awesome game, it has various modes, it has various power-ups, the possibility to play with friends in three and two-player modes, it has a pretty good opponent called Laika and so on. If you love war games, if you love shooting games and if you love thrilling gameplay you will enjoy your time playing it. Oh and don’t forget to check other games on our blog as well, I am pretty sure that you will enjoy them.

Tank Trouble Unblocked

Download Tank Trouble Flash Game For Windows 10

Looking for some simple yet entertaining flash game to play with your friends and have some fun together? Look no more because Tank Trouble Unblocked (which you can play even at school) is already here and it can offer you so much thrill and fun.

With three different modes: single, 2 player mode, and my favorite one 3 player mode, this game has a lot to offer. It is also important to note that even though this is a simple game it still requires from you strategic thinking in order to defeat your opponent (s). For example, I will give you good hint to understand what I mean – when you shoot ammo on the wall shells ricochet from the wall and continue flying forward, you can make some quick calculations during the battle and kill your enemies with a help of this feature, you can stay hidden behind the wall and still destroy enemy’s tank, cool isn’t it? As you can see there are always smart solutions in different games and you really have to be creative in order to be victorious, plus this way you can impress your friends with your gaming skills which are of course priceless.

Download Tank Trouble Flash Game Download

Don’t forget to also keep an eye on different upgrades which appear across the map in random locations, they are very important because with a help of it you can improve your tank’s firepower with rockets, lasers, mines, and things like that. Some upgrades are so strong that they can finish the battle in a couple of seconds, make sure that you pick them up before your enemy does.
And don’t forget to thank us in the comments section below since you were able to play an unblocked version of the Tank Trouble game on our blog.