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Learning English should be fun. We learn faster and more effectively when we are engaged in learning and using games is a great way to make learning more interesting. Here are five games that will help improve your English while having fun with your friends.

Two truths and a lie

A completely free app that helps you learn over 4000 common phrases and vocabularies. The app works completely offline and there is tons of data to improve your English. The app offers translations, audio and video lessons, and a bunch of language learning games.

This is a game for two or more people. On a piece of paper, write down three facts about yourself. Two of the facts should be true and one should be a lie. Read the facts to the other people in the group and they have to guess which were true and which was a lie. They can ask extra questions about the facts to check how good you lie is, so be prepared to explain yourself! The winner is the person who makes the group believe the most lies.


Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8, Windows 10 Team (Surface Hub), HoloLens, Xbox One. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Learn Speak English. Although not all of our games are educational in nature, we believe that playing interactive games can be both relaxing, fun, and stimulating. If there is something that we can improve, please tell us how we can do better using the form on our contact page. Feb 14, 2021 Improve English: Word Games With activities like Space Pursuit, Jelly Fizz, Panda’s Trail, and Fly High, this app takes gamification to a new level. Participate in bite-sized activities to get enjoyable English practice whenever it’s convenient for you. Download Improve Your English - Learn new words, use the translator, dictionary, get words of the day and test your English skills with this software solution on your computer.

This is a classic party game and it’s great for practising English, too. On stack of cards or slips of paper, write down the vocabulary you want to remember – verbs and nouns work well for this game. Now mix up the pieces of paper and take turns to act out a word each while the other people in the group try to guess which word you are acting.


English Improving Games Free Download Gta 5

Hangman is an effective way to practise new vocabulary with a partner. Think of a word and write a line on a piece of paper for each letter. Your partner needs to guess the word by guessing each letter first. If he or she guesses a letter correctly, write it on the line. If he or she guesses a letter incorrectly, draw one part of a gallows and person being hung. If your partner guesses the word before the drawing is complete, he or she wins. If the drawing is finished, the person hangs and you are the winner.

English Improving Games Free Download For Windows 7

Don’t forget the…

In your group, you are going on a shopping trip. Before you leave, you need to make a list. Sit in a circle and the first person starts by saying the first thing on the list. For example “I’m going to the shops and I need to buy apples.” The next person needs to add something to the list and remember what the first person wanted to buy. For example “I’m going to the shops and I need to buy apples and bread.” Keep going and adding to the list and see how long it takes before someone forgets one of the items.

20 Questions

Start by secretly thinking of a person, an object, an animal, etc. The other players should ask up to 20 yes/no questions to gather information about it. Remember to only answer with the words ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If the players can guess correctly before reaching 20, they win. If not, you win!

So, now you know five fun games to improve your English, all you need to do is get together with some friends and start playing them!

Since you are already on this page, let me hope that you are already aware of the basic content of this article. However, what you don’t know is in this post we have curated the top 7 free and freemium vocabulary apps to impress your English. What’s more? All of these apps are absolutely free as mentioned already while some might charge a little sum if you want an advanced version of that app.

So, without further blabbering, let’s get to the point.

Top 7 Free Vocabulary Apps for the English Language

1. Vocab Victor English Word Game

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS

Vocab Victor is counted among the top free and comprehensive English vocabulary apps available on the internet. This app is dedicated to helping, typically the budding individuals in improving their English language. The app facilitates learning and retaining the words which either you choose from the app or the app recommends you.

If you are a teacher, then this vocabulary app would be the best choice for you as the app is developed to enhance classroom instruction. Simply add this word learning fun app instead of adding lengthy complicated lists of frightening words and worksheets. Thereby, keep your students more focused on learning by understanding rather, as this app promises, than rote learning. The vocabulary collections of Victor are of intermediate-level. This helps the learners to grab the word-meaning faster, and most importantly, the words are easy to retain for future application in talking or writing. All these factors make Victor one of the most sought vocabulary applications in the current market.

2. Word of the day: Learn English

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS

Word of the Day: Learn English app is yet another word-learning app that selects a new word each day for you to understand/learn and memorize it. There is no denying that this app is deemed the simplest one as the process here includes evaluating new words but in the easiest manner. Another good point is that you get to save the words which you often require, or are tougher to memorize, etc.

This vocabulary application lets you expand your knowledge of new English words, that too very easily. This educational software is developed in a way that keeps you working daily on either learning new words or attempting quizzes for self-assessment, thereby making the vocab learning process fun, overall.

3. Vocabulary.com

Supported Platform: Android, iOS

English improving games free download windows 10

English Improving Games Free Download Pc

Vocabulary.com facilitates the quickest way to learn English vocabulary. This word learning app progresses with you and helps in memorizing uncommon words. Apart from simply learning new words, you get to give a series of short tests to assess your level of progress made in overall learning to date.

Vocabulary.com caters to a wider collection of words to improve the ability of the learner. There are 50,000 pre-made vocab lists available on this app. You can select any of these as per your ability. There are points and badges systems that you earn in the form of incentives for meeting certain learning targets. This is to keep all the learners motivated to do better by competing with other global users and hence, improving your English vocabulary.

English Improving Games Free Download

By following all the word games and quizzes features on this app, you can learn about 12,000 words faster and effectively. Not just that, but you also get several word usage tips and numerous practical examples showing how to apply those words in sentences. This benefit will make you more confident about using a particular while talking or writing.

4. Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS

Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh aims at expanding and retaining your knowledge of new words, thereby enhancing your English vocabulary. The word learning app first provides a word followed by detailed meaning and real-world instances of how to use those words in sentences. Vocabulary Builder focuses on one’s ability to handle different difficulty levels. Therefore, you can concentrate on those word lists that match your level of handling different vocabulary irrespective of your verbal skills. This is one of the most sought features of Vocabulary Builder that makes it a preferable alternative.

Any student preparing for tests like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, SAT, and GMAT will be greatly benefited by Magoosh’s Vocabulary Builder app as it can help the students, who only have a few minutes left before the test, to learn a couple of new words on spot.

5. Quizlet

English Improving Games Free Download

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS

Learning English vocabulary through flashcards followed by seeing and listening to the word twice is the easiest and fast procedure. This will help you to easily remember the newly learned word. However, Quizlet is something more than flashcards. With a user base of about 50 million people, this vocabulary app features a “learn” mode followed by the clear pronunciation of the words (from native English speakers). This app provides a platform for quick-paced English vocabulary games, the privilege to share your newly learned words with other users, and more.

There is a collection of flashcards from which you can select the ones created by others, or you can create some by yourself. Once you have completed learning a list of new English words, you can do a self-assessment by attempting customizable quizzes. Quizlet is amongst a few that stick to its purpose of providing simple learning design without any distractions.

6. Words With Friends 2-Word Game

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS

There is this insanely famous popular game from Zynga which will guide you in learning and mastering your English vocabulary through crosswords, word search, and spelling bees, from the long list of other similar word games. This also helps in improving your ability to fast construct the words correctly; enhance spelling memorization capacity. In this game, you learn new words in a playable manner and you’ll be capable of challenging your friends to beat you in the game.

The revised social dictionary includes 50,000 fresh words recommended by the gamers apart from the set of words that were already existing in Words With Friends. Previously, the players were able to utilize that dictionary in Words With Friends. However, now the app comes with usage statistics which helps you to determine how your creativity in applying newly learned words piles up against other competitors.

7. Memrise: Learn Languages Free

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS

Memrise is again a free vocabulary app that aims to guide people and help them in learning new English words to improve their vocabulary through a quick and efficient learning process. This app features images and audio followed by other fun and creative activities that relate to the word learning process. You get a detailed definition of the words which eases both the learning and remembering process.

Memrise offers frequent short tests so that you can keep a regular check on your learning progress. In the initial phase, the tests will be occurring on short quick internet. However, with time and increasing difficulty level, the frequency of the number of tests will decrease.

Well, there are many others available on the internet but these are some of the best and trending. Hope that the above compilation is workable to serve your interest.