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Even If You Want To Go Alone Mp3 Download

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Even If You Want To Go Alone Mp3 Download Mp3

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Linkin Park is a six-piece rock group from California who broke into the music scene at the end of the 1990s. Even though they have released only six albums in 11 years (two of which are remixes), the group have achieved album sales of over 50 million copies worldwide and won two Grammy Awards.
Linkin Park began life as “Xero” in 1996. Three West Coast school friends – Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson and Rob Dourdon, originally formed the group. Deciding to pursue a career in music after graduation, the trio recruited Joe Hahn, Mark Wakefield and Dave “Phoenix” Farrell to join them in the band. However, despite repeated attempts to break into the music business, the group were unsuccessful at getting a record deal. It proved too much for Wakefield, who left the group and was replaced, after much searching, by vocalist Chester Bennington. Bass guitarist Phoenix, also left around the same time, although he later rejoined the group after they found success.
The band changed their name to “Hybrid Theory” and started to attract more attention, principally due to the vocal chemistry between Shinoda and Bennington. However, even after they changed the band’s name one final time to Linkin Park, they still could not get that elusive record deal. They turned to Jeff Blue for help. Blue, then VP at Zomba had recommended Bennington to the group. Having moved on to Warner Bros Records, he was in an ideal place to assist the band in signing a record deal in 1999.
The following year, the band released their debut album. “Hybrid Theory” was the culmination of five year’s writing and hard work and it paid off. It was a huge commercial success for the alternative rock group, selling almost five million copies in the first year of release, and became the best selling album of 2001. It also won the band a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance for the song “Crawling.” Singles from the album also appeared in films Little Nicky, Valentine and Dracula 2000. The band had finally made it.
The group took to the road, performing 320 concerts in little over a year, including Ozzfest and the Family Values Tour, as well as their own shows, which featured artists such as Snoop Dogg and Adema. With the return of Phoenix, the band released a remix album, “Reanimation” that included songs from “Hybrid Theory” as well as previously unreleased tracks. The album soared to the number two spot on the US Billboard 200 and sold over 250,000 copies in its first week of release.
In between touring, the band managed to put together a new studio album, in the shape of “Meteora”, inspired by the region in Greece. The album featured the band’s nu metal and rapcore styles but also introduced new sounds and instruments, such as the Japanese flute, shakuhachi. When released in March 2003, “Meteora” went straight to the top of the album charts both the key US and UK markets. Within six months, the album had sold nearly three million. Awards and accolades followed including the MTV award for Best Rock Video for “Somewhere I Belong” and the Viewer’s Choice Award for “Breaking the Habit”. The band embarked on yet another world tour that included joining Metallica on their Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003.
Fans would have a four year wait until their next studio album; “Minutes to Midnight” would be released. In the meantime, the band continued to tour and work with other artists. They collaborated with Jay-Z on a remix album, “Collision Course” and several of the band members worked on other projects. Shinoda formed a new band called “Fort Minor” as well as collaborating with Depeche Mode. Bennington provided vocals on songs for DJ Lethal and for Dead by Sunrise.
Their much-anticipated third album, “Minutes to Midnight” was released in May 2007 and sold over 600,000 copies in its first week. One of the singles from the album, “What I’ve Done” was used in the Transformers movie soundtrack and flew to the top of Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. The band would also go on to record the theme songs Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Following the release of the album, the band went on the road again, embarking on an arena tour of the UK followed by a US tour, which the group used to find inspiration for their next release.
“A Thousand Suns” hit the shops and the web in September 2010. Linkin Park had come to realise the power of the Internet in promoting music and engaging with their fans and used MySpace heavily as part of the promotional campaign for their latest album. Later that year, the group ranked as number eight on the Billboard Social 50, which is a chart of the artists most active on social networking sites. The album was more experimental than their previous works but still connected with their fanbase around the world. The band released a number of singles from the album including “Waiting for the End”, “Blackout” and “Burning in the Skies”.
It is not just about the music for Linkin Park. They also have a charitable side as witnessed their participation in benefits to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Charley (in 2004) and Hurricane Katrina (in 2005). Following the tsunami that struck Asia in December 2004, the band raised funds by staging several charity concerts. They appeared in Live 8 alongside Jay-Z and more recently helped to raise money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake and the Japanese tsunami via a “Download to Donate” initiative. Fans who donate $10 or more get access to a collection of songs from the band and artists such as Sara Bareilles and Enrique Iglesias. The initiative runs via Music for Relief organisation, which they set up following the 2004 tsunami.
Linkin Park’s musical style almost defies description. They successfully combine rock, alternative metal with rap to create a unique sound. They experiment with each album release, not always to good reviews from the music press. Linkin Park refuse to be pigeonholed into a particular music genre, always providing something new for their fans. To the band, the fans matter, and with each release the number of fans grows larger and larger.

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