Free Music Download Sites For Iphone 4s

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Music fan always discovers best free apps to download music on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. So, we thought today to reveal several popular and free usable apps for iOS 11 (iPhone X, iPhone 8 (plus), iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus/ iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone SE/5/iPhone 5S/ iPhone 4S/ iPad/iPod touch) devices. Top 5 Free Websites to Download Movies for iPhone. With it, not only can you easily download a movie to my iPhone, but also download music, playlists,.

What is the best MP3 download site?

There’re tons of music download sites on the Internet, however, not many of them actually work out.

Most of the music download sites just disappoint you by complicated navigation, annoying ads, unknown plugins, and even VIRUS.

For these reasons, I collected a list of 60+ free music download sites. Then I spent a whole week to test these websites one by one. Finally, I figured out 9 sites that truly provide SAFE & FREE music download.


In this post, you will find the best sites to download MP3 (Part 1), download Music (Part 2), and download songs in different languages (Part 4).

(NOTE. If you prefer to stream music online, I’ve made a list of the best music streaming sites. I also rounded up the10 best online music radio stations that play all kinds of music. If you like to watch music videos along with the music, check out thefree music video downloader.)

Part 1 - Best MP3 Download Sites

Free Music Download Sites For Iphone 4s

Before getting started, let's make it clear what is MP3.


I can imagine your respond to this, then just tell me what is MPEG Layer III?

Hah! Gotcha!

Well, it's commonly referred to MP3.

As you know, MP3 is by far the most used format for lossy music compression. While it may not be as technologically advanced as other audio formats, its wide applicability just makes it becomes another name of music.

With MP3 download sites, we can directly download tracks as .mp3 file or extract audio from a video to MP3 format.

Now, let’s see the best 5 free MP3 download sites.

1. Free MP3 Finder

Free MP3 Finder is emerging for its super friendly user experience. The intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface enables you to free download MP3 effortlessly.

That's why I put Free MP3 Finder at the first place, for most of my music collections just come from this site.

Free MP3 Finder has a huge music database in different languages. Simply search or paste a music video link, and then you can get relevant result for downloading. By the way, you’re able to search music by track, artist, album, and even lyrics.

Except for MP3, most music can be downloaded in multiple audio formats, as well as video formats.

Beyond that, Free MP3 Finder has lots of tracks you won’t find on other MP3 download sites, because it supports more than 1000+ music and video sources, such as SoundCloud, Archive, YouTube, TikTok, etc.Check all the 1000+ sites >

  • Pros
  • Every track can be played before downloading
  • Download the entire music playlist
  • 3X faster download speed
  • Compatible with any device
  • No ads at all
Free music download app for iphone 4s
  • Cons
  • Not every song can be downloaded in MP3 320k

2. MP3Juices - one of the best and most popular free MP3 music download sites in the world.

MP3Juices has featured the best free MP3 sources and integrated them into their search engine. There are 7 MP3 music sources including YouTube, SoundCloud, VK, Yandex, 4shared, PromoDJ and Archive. It's remarkable that they still keep looking for more music resources. For more details, please further read the postEverything You Should Know about MP3Juices.

Free MP3 Finder and share many similarities in MP3 free download., undoubtedly, is known by more people. However, you may love Free MP3 Finder a bit more due to following reasons.

① 100% ads free.

Unlike other free MP3 download sites, Free MP3 Finder doesn't rely on advertising, so you don't need to worry about clicking ads by accident on the site.

② Download music to smartphone directly.

If you are an iPhone user driven crazy by iTunes as I do, then you'd love Free MP3 Finder. It allows you to transfer or download free music to iPhone without iTunes.

  • Pros
  • Easy to search
  • Enables you to preview the track
  • No user account is needed
  • Cons
  • Unexpected pop-up ads
  • MP3 is the only download option

3. MP3Skull

MP3Skull is a young but popular site for free MP3 downloads since 2016. The home page may give you an impression of modern sense. In terms of convenience, MP3Skull can please you.

As long as you enter one letter in the search bar, you’ll get a few search suggestions. This feature can help you find the desired music quickly.

The only shortcoming is every download button contains advertisements. When you click on the download option, you’ll be taken to another irrelevant site.

  • Pros
  • All songs are streamable before downloading
  • No learning curve to search songs
  • Cons
  • Only 2 format options (MP3 & MP4)
  • Hidden ads in download button

4. Bee MP3

BeeMP3 is a multimillion MP3 base.

Actually, this is a brand-new BeeMP3 site. The old BeeMP3 was shut down and users can't download MP3 file on the site anymore.

Now, you can get free music download on the new Bee MP3. The advance search engine enables you to find all the free MP3 songs you want to download. You can search songs by album, artist or just dive into their huge database to get more choices.

In addition, the site provides full and completely free information about the soundtracks you are about to download, such as artist, bitrate, and size.

  • Pros
  • Several filtering options for search results
  • No registration required
  • Cons
  • MP3 is the only download option
  • Tracks can’t be previewed

5. eMP3

eMP3 is a popular MP3 music download site that enables you to search and download mp3 music.

You can search songs by artist name, songs name, albums name or movies name. It regularly updates top music albums, top songs, and trending downloads on the homepage. If you don’t know what song to download, then you may discover new favorites from the site.

  • Pros
  • Smart search suggest drop-down list
  • Provides top music charts
  • Cons
  • No option for other formats
  • Pops up ads while downloading

Quick Tip:

As long as you make good use of internet, you can manage to find some rare music sources. You may not believe that Wikipedia can be a good channel to seek for free MP3 download.

If you love classic music, and this Wikipedia link will help you find out lots of high-quality soundtracks. As shown below, you can copy these URLs, paste into browser, and you can get to the download page.

Part 2 - Best Free Music Download Sites

In this list, I haven't included the mainstream music sites like Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, etc.


These music streaming sites are usually big name brands, and they have a huge amount of music. But they have quite a few limitations to music download access, without exception, you need to pay for offline listening.

Anyway, the following music download sites that I want to share with you is completely free of charge.

1. AnyUTube

YouTube is no doubt the most widely used video site, meanwhile, it holds a great deal of music resources.

Therefore, I want to share AnyUTube to you. As it’s called AnyUTube, you can download any music and video from YouTube with the site.

Meanwhile, most YouTube music can be downloaded in several audio formats, like MP3, M4A, WebM and so on. If you tend to watch the video while listening to the music, then you can directly download the YouTube music video to MP4, 3GP, and more.

  • Pros
  • Stream YouTube music & video without ads
  • Download YouTube music playlist
  • A wide selection of formats
  • Cons
  • No options for other music resources

2. Jamendo Music

“Any artist in the world is entitled to share his music and should have a chance to be heard by a greater number of people around the world.”

This idea makes it a perfect platform for all independent artists who want to share their creations.

Music Downloader For Iphone 4s

Therefore, you can enjoy a wide catalog of more than 500,000 free MP3 songs shared by 40,000 artists from over 150 countries all over the world.

If you love independent music, it's also an awesome wonderland for fans to explore new MP3 music. And you can stream all the music online, as well as download for offline listening.

With the functional build-in search engine, you can seek for MP3 music download by popularity, newness and genres as needed, and absolutely free!

  • Pros
  • Great variety of independent music
  • All songs are available for downloading (100% safe & legal)
  • Cons
  • Only MP3 format supported (no HD quality)

3. Free Music Archive

'It's not just free music; it's good music.' You can see the slogan when you enter the homepage of Free Music Archive.

The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality and royalty free music downloads. It's spearheaded by WFMU, which is the longest-running freeform radio station in the United States.

You can easily discover music by your favorite curators or genres, and download music MP3 you like for free. What's more, you'll discover more fun from the relevant music blogs on the site.

While the Free Music Archive is free and open to anyone regardless of registration or other requirements, you should not expect to get the newest pop music here. Nevertheless, it's still worth exploring as one of the best music download sites.

  • Pros
  • Offers royalty-free music
  • Lets you play the music before downloading
  • Detailed information about each track
  • Cons
  • No trending pop music
  • Free downloads in MP3 format only

4. Musopen

Musopen is a free MP3 music download site dedicated to improve access and exposure to music by creating free resources and educational materials.

Since it is a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible non-profit charity, it's allowed to provide free music sources to the public without copyright restrictions.

Different from other free music download sites, Musopen also provides recordings, sheet music, and textbooks for free. So you can benefit a lot from this site either for music learning, teaching or appreciation.

On the page of royalty free music, you can search and browse the music by composer, performer, instrument, form, and time period.

This site is more about music learning and teaching. If you're looking for pop music, then this may not be your first option.

  • Pros
  • Royalty free music download
  • Sheet music, recordings, and e-books free download
  • Ad-free
  • Cons
  • Pop music is not available

Part 3 - Best Music Download Sites for Android Phones & iPhone

No matter on desktop or mobile, the above sites are compatible with nearly all the browsers. The only exception is iPhone, you need a browser with built-in file download manager like CM Browser (Cheetah Mobile).

There’s a light difference on mobile responsive for each site. According to my test, Free MP3 Finder and MP3Skull stand out for the superb mobile-optimized design.

As you can see, the all-touch interface and sleek aesthetic ensure every user can get a high-quality experience on mobile.

Especially Free MP3 Finder, the thumbnails help you to instantly find out the song you want. When you click on the MP3 button, the download will begin just on the same page, and you’ll not be redirected to a new page. Furthermore, you have plenty of options for audio and video formats.

That’s why I personally prefer Free MP3 Finder, it displays accurately between desktop computer and mobile device.

Anyway, if you use mobile device more often, you must try Free MP3 Finder or MP3Skull on your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry,etc.) or tablets (iPad, Galaxy, etc.).

Part 4 - Best Songs Download Sites (English, Hindi, Panjabi…)

For any site mentioned above, you can take it as the best site to download English songs free.

However, there’re readers from all around the world.

For instance, I’ve received a great many emails from Indian readers: Which is the best Hindi songs download site? Where can I download Tamil songs? Punjabi songs? Telugu songs? Kannada songs?

Then I realized that there must be a great demand for free song download in different languages.

If I can only name one, then I’d say Free MP3 Finder. If you have gone through the Part 1, then you must get an impression of the MP3 song download site.Go to Part 1 now >

Regardless of what languages are spoken in your culture, you can always get mp3 songs free, download with Free MP3 Finder. (The bonus for Indian readers is that you can also download Bollywood songs on Free MP3 Finder.)

Just try to search a song in your own language.


Where to download free music?

I bet you’ve got an answer to this question.

If you’ve read the post from the beginning to the end, you may notice that AmoyShare Free MP3 Finder appears multiple times. I have to admit that this site is my favorite.

You may have different ideas, and it’s totally fine.

If you have any better suggestions about best free music download sites, just leave a comment. I’m all ears!

Ivy Ross is a blogger and music hunter for 5 years. She is dedicated to discover popular music all over the world, and she has made 100+ playlist which is spread among 1 million users.

Website For Downloading Music On Iphone


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Here’s the list of best free MP3 music download sites. Stay focused with the post to get a deep insight into it!

“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.” The famous saying by Stevie Wonder truly reflects the importance of music in our lives. It adds rhythm to our busy lives making it relaxing and soothing.

Finding soulful music can be a challenge at times, there are several paid and free websites that provide online music. There are thousands of websites that lets you download music free of cost. But, all of them are not completely legal & safe to access. Because, most of the websites lets you download music at no cost, but few of them don’t have legal license and rights for the same.

If you are looking for a free website that provides downloadable music, then our list will be of great help to you. And, if you are a individual who doesn’t like to break rules at all. Then, we can help to boost your music love without breaking laws & rights.

Here in this article, we have handpicked some of the best free music download websites that are completely legal & safe to use in 2021.

Most-Recommended – Download Your Favourite Music Files from The Desired Websites in One Click

Searching for the best music downloader for your PC, ByClick Downloader is the end to your search. The software allows you to download not just music files but video files as well right from the website you are streaming it from. The music that is downloaded by the ByClick Downloader is of high quality and as wished by the user. To install ByClick Downloader on your Windows OS computer device click on the download button given below.

How to Download Music for Free?

Well, with technological advancement finding downloadable music for free is fairly simple. Several sites cater to such customer needs. All you need to do is pick a good online music streaming site, visit it and look for the download button.

Free mp3 Music Download Sites offers the best way to enjoy free music with just a single click. Let’s dive into the world of music with websites offering Free and Legal Music.

Best Free Music Download Sites For All Music Lovers Out There

1. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is known to provide the much-needed platform to industry giants like The Civil Wars, Alabama Shakes and Imagine Dragons for sharing their music and building a fan base. It is one of the most popular and best music download sites and offers a humongous collection of Hip-hop and pop music.

Currently, the site enjoys a rich user base of 4 million including artists, common users, and various labels. It also offers a comprehensive catalog for unmatched experiences.

Apart from this, it also provides a much-needed platform to music aspirants and connects the right artist to the right opportunity at the right time. You can create your account for free, get along with other artists and grow your career.

For users who crave for more can check its Discover Section, which houses a detailed list of downloadable audio songs.

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How to Download Music for Free using ReverbNation?

  • Launch the website, and open the search page.
  • From the left pane click on “Free MP3 required” followed by “Refine Results”.
  • The right side pane has a column for free music. Search for your desired music file and click on the download button.


  • Simple and easy to adapt the interface
  • You can easily find artist and their upcoming albums
  • One tap music play functionality
  • Easily find the music by genre filters


  • For downloading songs, you need a user account

2. SoundCloud

Another best free music download websites that allows you to download music is SoundCloud. It offers an incredible platform to music lovers and provides music for free.

It started in 2007 and has one of the largest communities of artists, music creators, bands and podcasters. Use it to upload your creations and download music from other artists.

Use it’s a search bar to look for your favorite band and artist. It also contains a well-curated list of Hindi songs. The only downside is not all the songs are free to download, there are few songs where you need to hit the like button on its Facebook page to be able to download it.

The biggest highlight of SoundCloud is that it was recently included amongst the best music streaming sites in India. To download free music, all you need to do is simply search for the desired track and hit the download button. Do free music download legally using SoundCloud, an legal and safe platform to download music.


  • The software offers a huge list of content
  • You can easily find the music with its unique filters
  • You can stream music before downloading
  • It lets you easily find free downloads


  • Log in is required to stream or download music

3. Jamendo

Another great website that offers free downloadable music is Jamendo. It hosts a massive collection of 500,000 free MP3 songs uploaded by numerous artists and music creators across the globe. All the music files published on Jamendo’s website are protected under the Creative Commons License.

It keeps on updating its radio stations and playlist to meet varied users’ needs. It is a Luxembourg based open-source community for independent artists and music lovers.


  • The software offers several ways to download your favorite songs
  • It comes with a built-in online radio feature
  • You can use the application on mobile too
  • It has no compulsion for creating an account


  • You won’t get HD quality for the downloaded songs

4. Amazon Music

Our next pick comes for one of the industry giants Amazon Music was released in September 2007, and since then it has only grown to challenge its limits. Currently, it hosts a massive collection of almost 50 million songs, with new albums and songs getting added regularly.

You can also access hundreds and thousands of hand-picked songs and personalized stations at Amazon Music Unlimited. With its voluminous assortment of free downloadable music, you can enjoy fine-tunes ranging from classical music to obscure indie tracks.


  • With one account you get Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime, and Amazon music subscription
  • It offers various features to customize the download list
  • You can simply filter out results as per needs
  • The software has song previews to help you before downloading


  • You need to purchase to the Amazon plan
  • The interface can be confusing at the beginning

5. SoundClick

Another download free music website that gets a place on our top picks is SoundClick. It provides a ready platform to multiple artists for uploading their work. It comes with a user-friendly interface and navigation.

For easy search options, the playlists are divided into various categories including artist, genre, and cart. Apart from this it also has a radio option where users can sample music files. Use it to download both free and paid content online.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Offers a huge list of songs from various genres
  • The software does not require sign in
  • You get various discounts and deals for downloading songs


  • Every song is not available for free
  • List is mixed with free and paid music

6. YouTube

Free Music Download Sites For Iphone 4s Pro

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No list featuring best music streaming services is complete without mentioning this Music giant. What makes it everyone’s favorite is the varied list of music it offers.

However, getting free downloadable songs from YouTube is a bit tricky. You need to search for the songs available for free, to do so you will have to create a filter under Creative Commons License.

Once set, you may easily download free and safe songs as per your personal choice and likings.


  • YouTube has a collection of numerous music artist
  • You can easily stream and download music
  • It lets you easily listen to music or stream video
  • It has a dedicated mobile app too


  • The downloaded music will stay on the app only
  • For downloading music you need to buy a subscription

7. Bandcamp

Music downloader for iphone 4s

This is one unique website where you can download free music from. Bandcamp makes its name on our list, as the website offers a unique experience to download music.

One can easily pick a particular song and put 0 (zero) in the payment box. Just follow the on-screen instructions to download the song.

The Discover page opens doors to new content, best selling music, featuring songs, new arrivals and highly recommended songs by different artists. At times there will be albums and songs you will need to purchase. Do as you please!


  • Using the software you can easily download songs as well as albums
  • Huge collection of music
  • It offers both free and paid plans, you can choose whichever you like
  • User account is not required for streaming music

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8. NoiseTrade

This is another website through which we can download songs for free. But, as the name suggests, NoiseTrade, you need to trade certain information through social media if you want to download any song from this website.

This is one of the best music websites where you can get online music without paying. Millions of songs are free to download and this website also boasts a super huge collection of different genres to keep you entertained.

Get your hands on this website here.


  • The website has a very easy to adapt the interface
  • You get an option to choose between various music genres
  • To download the music you just have to submit your email address
  • It has a separate section for communicating with other community members


  • The website isn’t updated
  • You might be frustrated with the ads on every corner


Still not sure how to download music for free? is something you will spend hours on.

From every song for every day to a particular song for a particular mood, you are bound to get lost in the huge collection and genres of this website. Take your time to go through all the songs that are enlisted or use the search bar to get your hands on that particular song that rocks your mind.

You can have a look or download the new releases, free songs, coming soon or simply scan the entire list. A single click will download your favorite song. also ranks in the best music streaming services as one of the several websites that stream online music for free.

Besides songs and music, there are thousands of artists and bands you will fall in love with.

This is a website you will remember for years to come.


  • The user interface is very clean and simple
  • You can easily download and stream music
  • It offers one-click functionality
  • Most of the songs on the list can be previewed


  • Finding free songs can be tough
  • Does not offer a huge library of songs

10. Audiomack

If you have so far loved SoundCloud, you would love this website that offers the best music streaming services.

Every link that takes you to a music file is free and 100% legal. Free to download and legal to stream is what this website offers.

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With a user-friendly navigation interface, there are tons of options such as artists, songs, albums, featured songs, recommendations trending artists and songs whatnot! It also comes with a ‘recently added’ page to hunt all the latest music files.

There are tons of genres to choose from. Ranging from hip hop, reggae, instrumental, EDM, emocore, and afrobeat. The best part is the free access to every song you see here.


  • All the songs available on Audiomack are streamable
  • You can easily search for your favorite songs
  • It offers various sort, filter, and browse options
  • You get a dedicated mobile app for streaming

11. BeatStars

BeatStars is another website where you can download free music. Just like every website that offers free content and online streaming services, this website is no different.

The unique part of the site is its simple search bar. Sorting is easy and you can use other features such as trending, latest, moods, genre, inspiring, lazy, silly and much more.

You can use special sorting features such as songs that include beats, chorus, vocals only, instrumental and many more other filters.

Odds will take you to the subscribe page of the artist’s profile or social media channel. Once you subscribe, you can get access to several songs for free.


  • The software has simple one-click functionality for streaming and downloading songs
  • You get a list of genres to choose your favorite songs
  • It offers free and paid music
  • All your free downloads will be listed together


  • To download songs you need to subscribe to the artist’s page

12. Spinrilla

Spinrilla is the website you need to visit if you want to download songs for free.

Unlike the sites that stream or have old songs, Spinrilla offers you a huge collection of hip-hop mixtapes. The website welcomes you to an attractive interface where you can browse for music by names, popularity, and featured files.

Navigation is easy and user-friendly. While you need to register to download individual song files, you can download the entire album without any account. It also offers features to stream your favorite song online.


Free Music Download Sites Limewire

  • Clean interface for streaming audios and videos
  • The website has no ads for interruption
  • You can easily stream and download songs
  • It offers a bulk download feature too


  • User account is required for streaming and downloading use Spinrilla

13. Free Music Archive

It is quite impossible to get an active internet connection all the time. In the present time of streaming, you have to rely on the active internet connection to access the streaming platforms. Whether it is for music or movies. Sometimes, when you don’t have an active internet connection, you are unable to listen to your most preferred tracks. In that case, you have to download the music for offline listening.

When you are looking for free music download websites, then Free Music Archive is the one that snatches the appaulds of every individual across the world. There is huge music collection in FMA’s lobby and all are available for free download. Moreover, each song is advertised under its own license. Free Music Archive is the leading resource for music downloading. If you are a music lover and want to bliss your ears with the shootful songs then you need to join the Free Music Archive family. Listen to that songs that make you happy without any kind of hindrance.


  • The software has an advanced search box to make the process of finding music easy
  • It offers hundreds of categories of music
  • You can easily stream before downloading songs
  • Creating a user account is not necessary with Free Music Archive

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14. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is one of the world’s oldest and largest digital libraries for downloading music, movies, e-books, software applications, audio-books, and whatnot. Its library currently holds over 6 million movies and videos, 15 million audio files, and 28 million books, and 514 billion web pages.

The audio section on Internet Archive not only provides access to free music downloads and audiobooks but also offers a wide variety of other audio files, such as podcasts, poetry, live music, non-English audio, radio programs, etc. It also has some downsides too, for example, the design of the website looks a bit cluttered and confusing due to the multitude of options, but overall it offers a lot considering it’s completely free to use.


  • It offers various sorting and filtering options
  • You get options of multiple audio formats for downloading
  • The software is simple, you can preview it before you proceed with downloading
  • You get a bunch of free download options to choose from

15. DatPiff

Do you like rap music? If yes, then you should definitely visit DatPiff. It’s the ultimate destination for everyone who is a fan of the hip-hop genre. At DatPiff, you’ll find some of the hottest and popular mixtapes from rappers like DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Drake, Eminem, Big Sean, and Wiz Khalifa. What’s great about DatPiff is that it’s completely free and also has mobile applications for various devices, including Android, iOS, and WebOS.

In a nutshell, anyone who wants to listen as well as download free music, mixtapes, and hip hop videos should definitely check out this free music download site.


  • This is an ideal software for rap lovers
  • It does not require any user account
  • You can easily download the entire album with DatPiff
  • It offers mixes from popular artists

Which is the Top-Notch Music Download Websites?

There are plenty of sites where you can get online music without paying, while other sites offer the best music streaming services. And, above mentioned websites lets you hit music free download.

Music is something that acts like a herb on a wound. There is a song for every mood and every day of the year so keep listening and stay happy.

Iphone 4s Apps Free Download

So these were the top 15best free music download websites that brings every sort of music to your doorsteps. Although tons and tons of other websites also allow you to download and stream songs for free, we have specially curated this unique list for you. And, as a pro tip, we would like to recommend you to use Free Music Archive and Amazon Music to download music at no cost. Still, at the end, it will be your decision completely!

Ios 9 Iphone 4s Download

Have a look at these websites to get a song you have been waiting for. Download it right away!

Free Music Download Sites For Iphone 4s Download

Lastly, share your feedback with us in the comment box below. And, if you think there is something that should be included in list then do let us know. We’ll improve our list. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter to stay updated!