How To Download Mp3 Link

How to Download YouTube Link to MP3 with the Best Downloaders

Why we need to download YouTube link to MP3? To save a whole video when what you only need is the audio isn’t the best way to live, no one lives like that anymore. Occasionally, we come across interesting stuff while randomly or consciously searching the net and we believe one of such things is finding a YouTube video’s background music so great you just want to save them for offline. Now, it’ll be a hassle if you had to save a whole video just because of its audio, so what do you do? Simple, convert. There are a lot of YouTube downloaders out there that can finish the task in the blink of an eye without you breaking a sweat or losing your precious storage space and we have taken time out to list some of the best for you.

Creating a Link. A link that opens the media file in a new tab or downloads it to a visitor's computer relies on a standard anchor tag.The HTML element therefore consists of the anchor tags, the URL of the MP3, the text that activates the hyperlink, and optional parameters. In this tutorial, I am sharing a script in python with which one can download audio mp3 files from internet through terminal. To run this script, either copy paste the code below in your python idle and execute it or download and execute the python file from the link at the end of post. # file download script by Khalsa Labs # MP3 file download. The tool allows you to download mp3 from Youtube with high quality 320kbps, 256kbps, 192kbps. 1 Paste the YouTube link or enter keywords in the search box.

Part 1: How Use Best Downloaders to Download YouTube Link to MP3 on PC?

  1. How to download MP3 from TikTok videos for Android or iPhone? Step 1: Open the TikTok app, then play the video you want to download. Step 2: Tap the 'Share' button, then taps 'Copy Link'. Step 3: Go back to, paste the TikTok URL in the field and press the 'Start' button.
  2. How to download MP3 music from YouTube fastest. 1 Paste the YouTube link or enter keywords in the search box. 2 Choose MP3 output format and quality then click the 'Download' button. 3 Wait a few seconds for the conversion to complete MP3 and download the file to your device.

Uniconverter can download video and audio from more than 1000 sites. It has other functions like compress and edits YouTube videos, Burn DVDs and CDs. It also lets you record your screen, create GIF images. It works on both Windows & Mac. Uniconverter has a wide array of tool that lets you do conversion and compression with ease. Their web downloading function also lets you download from video sites like YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, VideoBash. VEVO and so on.

UniConverter---Download YouTube link to MP3

Download video/audio from YouTubeand other 10000+ video and audio sites directly with 'One click'.
Convert YouTube to MP3 with 100% original quality and 90x faster speed.
Convert YouTube to other 150+ standard audio and video formats including device optimization.
Edit YouTube files before converting to MP3 or the other formats.
Steps to download YouTube link video to MP3 with UniConverter:

Set Output format

Click Downloader on Uniconvewrter, open the Download then Convert Mode at the bottom, choose the MP3 as output format. And then, set your file location.

Copy the Youtube Video’s URL

Open YouTube, then search the video you want to download. On the top of window, copy the video's link.

Paste URL on Uniconverter

Find the icon on the top, then choose Download Video, after that, Paste the URL on the window that pops up. You can also click the center box to paste the URL directly.

Start downloading YouTube link to MP3

How to download mp3 links

Once you finish the above steps, you can click Start all to start downloading. You can click Finished to check your files.

Quick Solution:

Above steps can also be applied to download YouTube video to other formats except MP3, but if you just want to Download YouTube links to MP3, you can go ahead the next solution: just copy the URL and then choose Download MP3 from the Add Files drop down menu. UniConverter will analyze the URL and download YouTube to MP3 automatically.


ClipGrab is a freeware that can help you download and convert audios or videos from YouTube, VEVO, Vimeo, Facebook and other video sharing or streaming sites. You can easily save any video from YouTube and the other sites mentioned before and convert them to MP3 formats. ClipGrab supports both Mac OS and Windows system.

Download Link:


How To Download Mp3 Links

  • Supports most popular websites.
  • Linked to your clipboard i.e. it checks for links you have copied and makes them ready for download.


  • Contains ads.

4k Video Downloader

4k Video Downloader is a very popular software among regular YouTube downloaders. It is lightweight and does not take up too much space on your system. 4k Video Downloader lets you download videos directly from YouTube in different available formats and convert them to MP3 with high quality. 4k Video downloader can download from sites like Facebook, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr and especially YouTube.

Download Link:


  • It is lightweight.
  • It is safe to use 4K Downloader.
  • The quality of downloaded video is good.


  • It doesn’t have a mobile app.


Tunskit is another amazing soft for downloading and converting YouTube videos to MP3. Tuneskit supports conversion to other audio formats as well. These formats include FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4B, M4A and so on. Rest assured that Tuneskit keeps the quality of your audio all through conversion. Before downloading your file or after downloading, you can edit your audio; like cutting, merging and trimming it to get exactly what you need.

Download Link:


  • Top-notch customer service.
  • Has additional audio editing features.


  • Complex procedures.


VideoProc is a software that has all the tools needed to properly work on editing a video. It lets you cut, trim, merge and add effects to your videos, convert videos and audios easily with fast speed and high quality. Burn and Rip CDs, remove background noise, record your screen, download videos from YouTube and a lot more other features. VideoProc also gives the ability to extract audio from videos and save in formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC etc.

Download Link:

How To Download Mp3 Link


  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Contains every tools needed for editing audios and videos.


  • Running speed is dependent on the quality of your system
  • It can not download YouTube link to MP3 directly, you have to convert video to MP3 with converters.

Part 2: Download YouTube Link to MP3 Converters on Mobile Devices


Peggo is a video to audio converter for both Android and iOS that lets you download videos from YouTube and save them to your phone as an audio file for offline access. Its homepage has a search bar that enables you to search for any video from video sharing sites and convert them to mp3. You can also copy the URL from the video page and instead of searching for a video, simply paste the URL and Peggo will locate the video. Peggo lets you download certain parts of an audio or video file; just like trimming a video right before downloading.

Download Link:


  • It has audio editing features.
  • It does not feature any ads.


  • No in-built player, so you can not play mp3 audio after downloading Youtube link.


As one of the best YouTube downloaders and video to mp3 converters on Android, there is no doubt that SnapTube has to contain some amazing features for it to be widely known and accepted. Snaptube is definitely your best YouTube to MP3 app as it is simple and easy to operate. However, Snaptube also allows downloading from other sites not only that, you can watch online from SnapTube as well. It also has the URL copy feature; that is, you can easily search and download a video and convert it by just copying and pasting links and URLs.

Download Link:


  • Lightweight, its size isn’t all that big.
  • Features a very fast built-in player.


  • Displays ads that might trouble you sometimes.

Syncios YouTube Downloader

Downloading from YouTube has never been easier especially with Syncios YouTube Downloader. Download and convert video from MP4, MKV, WEBM to MP3MP3 with amazing speed. Its search function is also top-notch, with its search suggestions feature, you don't need to know all about the exact video, just input keywords. Syncios is a freeware therefore, it is free and there are no hidden charges, it is completely safe and easy to use.

Download Link:


  • It is free, without hidden charges.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Features lots of ads.


According to online sources, YouMP34 has been around for a long time. Probably long before the trend of downloading from YouTube became widespread but it is a surprise, it is still part of the race as one of the best YouTube downloading and YouTube to Mp3 converters. To download YouMP34, you’ll have to dive into third-party sites as Playstore currently does not host the YouMP34 app.


  • It is very easy to use even when you are a new user.
  • It contains no ads.


  • It's not hosted on playstore.


Vidmate is that kind of silent, unpopular but extremely great apps. Surf Vidmate like you are surfing YouTube even the homepage contains video suggestions just like YouTube albeit these suggestions aren’t based on the type of videos you watch the most, it is probably based on the most-watched or new additions. It is also divided into sections, you can choose to go to the religion section, sports, music videos and so on. Vidmate also supports other sites like Vimeo, VEVO, supports download from your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and so on. Vidmate only supports two audio formats Mp3 and M4A and sometimes the M4A is not even available for some videos.

Download Link:


  • Works just like YouTube.
  • It is free and can download and convert YouTube link to MP3 fastly.


  • Supports only two audio formats.

Part 3: Convert YouTube link to MP3 online


Ontiva is an online YouTube downloader and converter that allows you to do a lot with your videos. It has audio editing features that let you cut, crop and clip videos and audios. It supports most common audio files like MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG and lots more. Ontiva is smooth, fast and simple enough.

Official Site:


  • It is fast and easy to use.
  • High output quality.


  • Does not support a lot of audio formats.


Y2mate is a unique online YouTube downloader and YouTube to mp3 converter that allows you to download YouTube videos with ease. It is extremely fast and the download is just as fast. You can not only download from YouTube but also from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and others that feature video sharing.

Official Site:


  • Unlimited downloads
  • Supports a lot of output formats


  • Requires a very stable internet connection.

Vidmate Online Video Downloader

Vidmate Online Video Downloader is another YouTube link to MP3 downloader. Search based on keywords or paste URL and Vidmate will return with your search result as soon as possible.

Official Site:


  • It is free to use


  • Its built-in filter can not find some YouTube videos.


Another great online YouTube to mp3 converter is Myconverters. Download YouTube videos and convert them immediately, it doesn’t lag nor does it drain excessive data. My Converter supports unlimited downloads, this means that there is no limit on the number of files you can download and convert per day and neither is there a cap on the size of the file.

Official Site:


  • It is completely free.


  • Contains ads.
  • It takes longer time to show the searching result than other downloaders.


As an online YouTube to mp3 downloader and converter, Youzik boasts of being the fastest YouTube downloader you can ever find out there. Supporting just the MP4 and MP3 formats. Type in random words and it will suggest a few videos that you might be looking for.

Official Site:


  • Their search suggestions feature suggests videos with just a few keywords.
  • Download YouTube link to MP3 with incredibly fast speed.


  • Supports just two formats (MP4 and MP3)


Is it safe to convert YouTube to MP3?

You will violate the owner’s copyright if you download a video without their permission but it is kind of allowed if you download a video for personal use and not for commercial or business purposes.

Can Uniconverter download Link from other platforms?

Sure, just as said above, there are tons of sites you can use Uniconverter to download video links from. Uniconverter supports lots of sites and is not only limited to popular sites. Copy a link from any site and there is a very a high chance Uniconverter can download from that site.

Where do you get new music? Do you buy CDs or purchase music from digital stores like iTunes and Amazon? Even now, in the era of fast Internet and smartphones, free MP3s are not easily available. However, there are some websites like MP3Jam that supply their admirers with MP3 songs free-of-charge. To fill your MP3 player with different tracks you simply need to download MP3 songs you like and transfer them to your player. Actually, the need to download songs is quite debatable since Freemake Music Box for iOS was released. But if you still prefer saving the passionately-adored compositions on PC and upload them later to a portable device for offline playback, discover the list of best websites to download MP3 songs for free.


Yes, don’t be shocked! YouTube is number one if you can use it properly. That means that your closest friend might have free Freemake YouTube Software, which rapidly downloads the required tracks in MP3 format.

How to download MP3 songs?

1. Search for a piece of music on YouTube.

Free Mp3 Downloads Cloud

2. Copy the link of the page with the video.

3. Past the link into Freemake YouTube MP3 Boom and hit Enter.

4. Click the down arrow to download the track.

How To Download Mp3 Link To Iphone

Alternatively, you may search for YouTube compositions without opening YouTube itself, just in the MP3 Boom. What you need to do is to type a song title, artist or album name into a Search box and press Enter on your keyboard. While typing you’ll see smart suggestions, just like in Google. Click one of them if it’s right what you are looking for. When you get search results, click an arrow to the left of a song to download it or Download all button in case you want to save all the tracks.

You can learn how to use Freemake Youtube MP3 Boom and enjoy all its functions to the full. The easiest way for those who want to have a digital music library on their PC.

As an option, you may try to convert MP4 to MP3 on Windows 10 to get high quality tracks from your offline videos.

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On people share their music for free for commercial use. It leads to a rain of musical compositions, making it a bit hard to find the needed one. But if you manage, you will discover a lot of curious song variants. So if you need to add a music track to your video and don’t want to have any troubles with your account, then go to and search for some great piece of music. Check most popular, most downloaded, recent and most played tracks. When you are done, click Download button to get the track.

SoundCloud is one of the most famous sites where you can download music legally. As well as on YouTube, here you can find variety of audio tracks: remixes, karaoke, unreleased tracks and many more. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to download the majority of popular songs due to legal issues, they are available only for listening. Yet, there are so many new bands and singers that you’ll for sure find something to your liking. By the way, most of them have great remixes on famous tracks that you’ll never hear elsewhere. So, don’t waste your time and create a SoundCloud account right now. If you don’t want to complete a registration form, you can sign up with your Facebook or G+ accounts. Then search for a track or band. If it’s available for downloading, you’ll see a Download button under a track. The song will be downloaded onto your PC in the MP3 format.

SEE ALSO: Archive your DVD collection with DVD Ripper [FREE] is famous for a great music collection. You might think that’s it’s only possible to stream tracks without downloading them. That’s not completely true. On you can find a section with free music downloads. It has plenty of genres that you’ll see in the left column. Choose a genre and check what tracks you can get. When you find something great, you need to only click a blue Free Download button to get this song onto your computer. Unfortunately, music quality is not stated, but you can listen to a track before downloading it. Of course, free section is not that huge like YouTube one, but still you can find some old tracks to recall great moments.

It may sound crazy, but you can find free music on…Wikipedia. It’s media library is not that big and includes mostly classical tracks. Yet, if you enjoy listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Wikipedia is a right choice. The main drawback is navigation. There are no genres, quality choice or search box and instead of a songartist name you see a complete URL. If you still want to download a track from Wikipedia, then copy the link you need and open it in another tab. Preview the track. After that right click on it and choose Save video as… or Save audio as… depending on your browser and save the track on your PC. It’ll be saved in .ogg format. You may use free Freemake Music Box to play it. is also a nice source of free instrumental music, especially for those who learn and teach to play music instruments. There you will also find sheet music and educational materials for a number of popular instruments. If you want to download a specific composition, you need to create an account. After that search music by composer, performer or instrument. Click the one you need and choose a track you want to download. Listen to the composition to check it’s quality and then click an arrow to download the track onto a harddrive. is the most famous site for online shopping. Here you can get literally everything starting from a dress and ending up with automobile wheels. And of course here you’ll find tons of music: rare vinyl records, modern CDs, digital free and paid tracks. No doubts, you won’t be able to download the latest hits for free. However, free music library is quite huge and lets you choose from a variety of bands and genres. Check the left column and choose a genre you need. Then sort music by artist, song, album, or time. Preview the song before saving it. Then just click a yellow Free button, enter you login details and download a song.

By the way, you can make copies of your old discs with this DVD copy software.

With you can find a lot of music compositions and download them trouble free. The interface is quite stylish, which makes it pleasant to navigate on the site. You’ll find new, latest and trending charts to choose from. Unfortunately, doesn’t show the track quality, but it lets listen to a song before downloading it. Thus, more or less you’ll be able to decide whether you still want to download a track or not. Moreover, each album contains a brief description and info about similar artists to check. To download a track you need to sign in with your Facebook account. After that click orange Download music button and what till the track is saved on your PC.

Looks strange, doesn’t it? But yes, apart of videos, Vimeo has a music library. And it’s quite good! Unfortunately, there are not that much filters for music search. Choose a free price range to get only tracks available for downloading. Use hashtags like “guitar music”, “rock music” or any other to describe what you are looking for in a search box. If you need, you may check the video associated with a particular song. If everything is ok, click the green arrow, and insert your Vimeo login data to download a song.

What composition are you searching for? Bless your headphones and let the music play!