How To Download Multiple Youtube Videos To Mp3 At Once

Home › How-To's › Technology. We only recommend products we believe in. Products that work. But, just so you know, we may earn commission in doing so. It's perfect to download any video from YouTube straight to your computer or iPhone. This is the best YouTube Playlist to MP3 Converter and, like a little magician's wand, makes converting a standalone, automatic process. Oct 19, 2021 With 4K Video Downloader, you can convert and download YouTube content as video or audio files. For audio files, choose among MP3, M4A, and OGG formats, and opt for the original quality, high. To convert and download a YouTube video as an MP3, use a free online YouTube to MP3 converter. There are a variety of free websites you can choose from. One option is Just copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert into the search field and click “Go.”. You can use our streaming audio recorder to record YouTube videos to MP3/WMA/OGG/WAV during playback.

I have compiled this list to help you choose the best YouTube playlist downloader for saving several videos to your device. These online video downnloaders and desktop programs are perfect when you need to download playlists that you have created.

Some options listed below come with extra features that help you download video content from specified channels, save private and live videos while keeping the subtitles. All of them can quickly save media files so that you could watch your favorite content offline.

Top 12 YouTube Playlist Downloaders

  1. YouTubNow - Integrated search engine
  2. - Saves files bypassing ISP restrictions
  3. WinxDVD - Supports up to 8K quality
  4. Ddownr - Creates deep links
  5. 4K Downloader - A great choice for 4K
  6. VideoProc - Fast performance
  7. iTube HD Video Downloader - Integrated media player
  8. DVDVideoSoft - Allows for screen capturing
  9. YouTube ByClick - Downloads videos in one click
  10. Any Video Converter - Features special effects
  11. Free YouTube Download - Automatically downloads files
  12. aTube Catcher - Auto-conversion options

If you are wondering which YouTube downloader suits you most, make sure to consider if it can quickly download a whole playlist, save clips in various formats, rip audio from video, save files in 4K and 8K quality. I have compiled a list of the best programs that allow you to configure the output file settings and download a playlist from YouTube with little to no effort.

1. YouTubNow - Our Choice

Integrated search engine
  • Doesn’t restrict the number of videos
  • Supports different output formats
  • No need to sign up
  • None

Verdict: If you enjoy watching video content on online platforms and want to save clips to your device, take a look at YouTubNow. With it, you can save playlists on your computer to watch your favorite videos later. Thanks to the convenient search options, you can quickly find content that you need to save and download YouTube playlist free of charge. To use this online service, you need to open your browser and visit the official webpage of YouTubNow.

Youtube To Mp3

The user interface is pretty straightforward so you won’t face any difficulties. The only thing you need to do is to copy a link to a video of your choice and paste it into the search bar.


Saves files bypassing ISP restrictions
  • Allows selecting an output format
  • Downloads files from various online platforms
  • Helpful customer support
  • A hefty price
Download youtube videos

Verdict: Those who prioritize high quality, will enjoy using, as this online service is perfect for saving several videos at once. It’s known for its ultra-fast performance and can convert media files to any format of your choice.

You need to paste a link to a clip that you want to save, decide on a format and click on the corresponding button to download a file. This YouTube media downloader comes with several subscription plans. Paid versions allow downloading any number of files at high speed. Besides YouTube content, you can also save videos from Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.

3. WinxDVD

Supports up to 8K quality
  • Downloads “Watch Later” clips
  • Saves large files in batch mode
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Doesn’t support 3D or 360-degree videos

Verdict: WinxDVD is perfect for those who are looking for a service that lets one download several videos simultaneously. When using it, you won’t need to worry about any distracting ads. What’s more, WinxDVD supports MP3, MP4, WebM and FLV output formats. Just like with any similar services, a user can paste a URL to a clip, choose a desired format and quality.

A key advantage of WinxDVD is that it allows you to create a video queue to save several files to your computer or other devices. You can also select a folder for saving media files. All these features make it the best YouTube playlist downloader for those who need to save files in 4K.

4. Ddownr

Creates deep links
  • Supports a wide variety of formats
  • Users can select the output quality
  • Supports various playlists
  • Occasional bugs

Verdict: DDownr is a useful service for anyone who wants to download a YouTube playlist. Users can choose any format supported by their devices. After pasting a URL to your clip, you need to decide, which format is more suitable for your purposes and start downloading a file.

With this YouTube music playlist downloader, you can save content in MP4, MP3, WebM, M4A formats. If you need to make your files smaller, you can optimize their size by selecting lower output quality. All the features are free to use, so you can quickly save popular songs, vlogs and other videos without paying a dime.

5. 4K Downloader

A great solution for 4K
  • Supports playlists of up to 24 videos
  • Lets users save subtitles
  • No bundled software
  • Occasional bugs

Verdict: While 4K Downloader lets you save only up to 24 files from YouTube, it’s quite convenient to use. After copying a link to a clip, you can decide which quality is more suitable for your needs and start the download process.

This free YouTube to MP3 converter will be especially useful for those who need to find a program that supports many formats. With it, you can convert music videos from MP4 to MP3.

One of its most impressive features is that it can download 3D and 360-degree clips. Other similar programs lack this option. Another advantage is that you won’t see any ads or upsells. This software is free to use and lets you download files in no time.

6. VideoProc

Fast performance
  • The output quality is easy to customize
  • Options for converting, editing and splitting files
  • Rips audio from video
  • Incompatible with Linux

Verdict: VideoProc is a free YouTube downloader that allows saving videos to your device in 4K/1080P/720P. It’s a perfect option for those who need to download multiple files at once. VideoProc downloads M4A, MP4, MKV, FLV files and converts videos to any supported format. This software has a trial version, so you can test all its features absolutely for free.

Thanks to its level-3 GPU acceleration, this program can process videos 47 times faster and download 4K/8K/360°/VR and 3D content. It also features handy editing tools that allow you to split, rotate, stabilize, merge and crop videos. Besides, it has special options for fisheye correction.

7. iTube HD Video Downloader

Integrated media player
  • Allows downloading from a link
  • Quick performance
  • Private mode
  • A free version has limited functionality

Verdict: If a modern, streamlined user interface matters to you, iTube is one of the best programs with a well-thought-out UI that allows you to download YouTube content. Besides videos, you can save playlists and channels.

Once you start playing a video, you will see the Download button below it. With this software, you can save clips in a few seconds. Do save a while playlist, just click on the corresponding button you will see on your screen.

If you are looking for a convenient YouTube playlist downloader app, you will enjoy using this service. iTube has two ways for saving video content. You can either install a browser extension or download clips by using links. If you don’t have much time, you can activate a special turbo mode, which lets you download clips up to 3 times faster.

8. DVDVideoSoft

Allows for screen capturing

Multiple Youtube To Mp3 Converter

  • Merges videos
  • Saves info from YouTube playlists
  • Perfect for batch downloading
  • Laggy UI

Verdict: With DVDVideoSoft, you can download several clips at a time and, if necessary, convert them to the formats supported by your device. After creating a YouTube playlist, you can decide which videos you want to download. This software is known for its high speed. The only disadvantage is that it has a laggy interface.

After processing videos, you can add them to your iTunes playlists so that they can be easily accessed anytime anywhere. It allows users to save files in WAV, MP3, FLAC, M4A, M4A, AAC and OGG formats. You can select the output quality and configure settings to your liking.

9. YouTube ByClick

Downloads videos in one click
  • Quickly saves files in HD, 4K and 8K
  • ID3 tags for audio tracks
  • Search options
  • Incompatible with Mac and Linux

Verdict: YouTube ByClick comes with an impressive toolset that enables you to save private or live videos while keeping their subtitles. It can also download clips, channels and playlists. The developers designed it in a simple way. You just need to start watching videos online to see a download button.

If you need not only to save files but also convert them, you will appreciate that this program supports WEBM, P3, AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, 3GP and WAV formats. What is more, it enables you to save high-res 8K videos.

10. Any Video Converter

Features special effects
  • Integrated video editor
  • Many output formats
  • Speedy performance
  • A free version doesn’t support batch downloads

Verdict: If you don’t want to use a YouTube playlist downloader online, you can install Any Video Converter. It is one of the most popular programs as it can be used for saving clips in various formats and comes with an integrated video editor. Before downloading a video, you can specify the output quality and format you need.

The main advantage of Any Video Converter is that it supports over 200 formats, such as 4K UHD, DVD Disc, H265, DVD ISO, H264 and DVD Folder. With this program, you can crop your footage, enhance it with visual effects, add text and adjust colors. It’s one of the best options for those who need to make their content more engaging, as it has many video editing options available.

11. Free YouTube Download

Automatically downloads files
  • Saves several files at once
  • Can shut down your computer after download
  • Downloads lists and files from links
  • Allows saving 3 minutes of a video

Verdict: Besides supporting batch processing, this program can download content in many widely used formats. You just need to pick the one you need and select the output quality. While you won’t be able to convert files to some rarely used formats, it is perfect for converting clips to AVI, MP4, iPhone/iPod and MKV.

If you need to rip audio from video, just use the option that enables you to save files in MP3 format. After pasting a link, you can save a video in any supported format in a few clicks. To save time, you can also use the Auto Download option.

12. aTube Catcher

Auto-conversion options
  • Saves files to tablets and smartphones
  • Batch processing
  • Supports many formats
  • Installs extra software

Verdict: Similarly to other downloaders, aTube Catcher was designed for saving YouTube playlists to desktop computers and other devices. Thanks to unlimited bandwidth, videos can be processed and downloaded more quickly. You can use this YouTube playlist downloader free of charge. It comes with advanced features that let you capture videos from the screen, merge files and burn discs.

This program performs conversion automatically and supports many widely used formats. The final choice depends on your needs and the device you are planning to use to play files. If you want to download a large number of videos, you can save them to your device all at once thanks to unlimited bandwidth.

Are there any media players for Windows that can run multiple videos at once? If there is one, what file types does it support?

Feb 28, 2018 Batch download multiple videos and even resume interrupted downloads; 10. Clip Converter. Do you really have to install a desktop software on your computer in order to download YouTube videos? No, an online website would suffice. And Clip Converter is one of them. It’s a web-based application specially built for users to keep videos from. Download Youtube videos and playlists online for free. Ddownr is fast, secure, free and most important easy to use! Free youtube downloader online, free youtube video downloader online, download youtube online, free, youtube downloader mp3 online, free without any. Once you download videos from youtube, it will saved in the saved file location which will show in the RealPlayer PC llibrary. Then you have to create a playlist from the PC library. To know more on how to create playlists in RealPlayer, visit.

  1. So I can see playing 2 videos simultaneously - after all, we have 2 eyeballs ... But tell me, how do you watch 3 videos simultaneously - unless you are one of those creatures with a third eye in your forehead.

  2. This is what you are looking for friend.. I found it very useful. hope u will also like this.. this do what u want and apart from that you can also play and download Youtube videos, search and download subtitles
    And most importantly when you open that movie after closing it, movie will be resumed at the same point you left it, and with the same settings: audio track, subtitles, volume...
    And it is capable of playing almost all known video and audio formats.

  3. Media Player Classic
    Menu--- view->options->player check the box Open a new player for each media file played

  4. VLC Player should be able to manage that. Click on Tools->Preferences->at the bottom click the radio button all->Now in Advanced settings tick off the checkbox Allow only one running instance & One instance when started from file. After that you should be able to run multiple videos at once.

  5. Are you wanting to play multiple different videos in multiple instances of one media player? VLC has a setting where you can disable only one instance so you can have several videos playing at once. In the Tools tab, select Preferences. In the Interface Settings window, uncheck 'Allow only one instance' under Instances.

'How can I download multiple YouTube videos in batch without downloading them one by one?'

'I found a wonderful YouTube playlist and want to download all the videos from the YouTube playlist, but donnot know how to do.'

If you feel troublesome by the above problems to download bacth Youtube videos at a time, then finding a good way to download YouTube videos in batch is an efficient method to enjoy and download YouTube videos. The following article are looking for the best way to batch download YouTube videos, just follow us to find the easiest way to download bulk YouTube videos in 1 click. keep reading, this article will intrduce 10 popular YouTube audio downloaders. Just check it out!

Part 1. How to Download Multiple YouTube Videos in Batch Easily

Since most Youtubers often sort videos into different thematic playlists according to the property of the video and the interest of the wide Youtube users. Downloading YouTube videos in batch at one time is in great need for most Youtube users. So a YouTube batch downloader will be the best helper. Here I highly recommend you to use iTube HD Video Downloader, which is an easy-to-use batch YouTube downloader that is designed for users who want to download multiple videos from a YouTube playlist or channel in batch.

iTube HD Video Downloader - The Best 3X Faster Multi YouTube Video Downloader

  • Batch download multiple YouTube videos or YouTube Playlist at 3X faster speed with no quality loss.
  • Download YouTube videos into formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV and more, and also can download then convert videos in MP3 or M4A format.
  • Transfer the downloaded YouTube videos to fit a wide range of portable devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android tablets and others.
  • Support to download online videos from 10,000+ sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, Hulu, Vimeo, Netflix, Vevo, etc.
  • Record any playing video from any online video sharing sites with its well-balanced video recorder.
  • Play downloaded YouTube videos with its inbuilt media player without limits for operating system.
  • Private Mode to download all the videos with a password protected keeping them from being seen by others.

How to Batch Download YouTube Videos Easily

This one click YouTube batch downloader provides you with convenience to capture YouTube videos and enjoy them without any compatible issue. So amazing, isn't it? Just follow below detailed tutorial to download your favorite videos from a YouTube playlist.

Step 1. Download and Install Aimersoft iTube Studio YouTube Batch Downloader

Click above download link to download and install the YouTube Batch Downloader to your Mac or Windows PC. After that, double click the file to open setup menu and follow up steps to install the program. When you finish the installation, the YouTube batch downloader will launch automatically.

Step 2. Download Mutiple YouTube Videos in a Batch

Now open your browser Chrome, Safari or Firefox and look for the YouTube videos you want. When you open the video, you will get a 'Download' button on the video window. Just click the button to download the video. If you haven't seen the Download button, click to get an easy guide on how to install a Download button to your browser.

And you can continue to add multiple YouTube videos to the download queue in the same way. This YouTube batch downloader will process the downloads at the same time.

Option 2: Go to the Youtube to find your favorite Youtube playlist URL and then copy it by 'ctrl+c'. After that, paste it in Itube, then the program will begin to download the batch videos right away.

Step 3. Download All Videos from YouTube Channel and YouTube Playlist

Go to a shared YouTube channel, you will see a 'Download' button beside each category name. Click on the button and select 'Playlist' option, a dialog for video list will pop up. The list includes the channel's videos which are checked for downloading as default (Normally up to 8 videos on the list depending on the settings in Preference). When you have confirmed the videos, click the 'Download' button to start batch download. You can go to the Downloading tab on the primary window of the program to check the batch download process.

Step 4. Convert Downloaded Videos (Optional)

After downloading YouTube videos in bulk, the videos will be transferred to the 'Downloaded' tab automatically. If you want to convert the multi downloaded video, you can click the 'Add to Convert List' icon on the right side of the video thumbnail to import the video to 'Convert' menu.

Click the 'Convert' menu on the left, navigate to the video you want to convert, click the 'Convert' icon beside it. A dialog for setting output format will appear. Then you can choose your target video or audio format and click 'OK' to start converting. When you're done, you will get the converted videos saved on your default hard drive. Then you can transfer the converted videos to your portable device and enjoy multi Youtube videos offline on the go.

Video Tutorial on How to Download multiple Youtube videos

Part 2. Other 6 Youtube Batch Downloader Introduction (Desktop and Online)

Aparts from iTube Studio, Users are always looking for other tools that can download multiple YouTube videos easily and quickly. For this purpose, many desktop software and online websites have added a batch download feature in their tools. That’s how you can batch download YouTube videos without any hassle.

3 YouTube Batch Downloader for Desktop Solution

Price: $ 19.99 per year

Platform: Windows and Mac

AnyUTube is a complete utility tool to stream, download, rip and play multiple YouTube videos at once. It will allow you to download the video even while it is streaming. You can rip the music from the video in high quality and convert them in any format you like. The software also enables the users to download playlist in batch. This software can search, play and download videos in the best quality.

  • The software even has a free 14-day trial.
  • The batch download can be used for 600 videos at once.
  • It sends download error message for some videos unexpectedly.
  • It can only download YouTube videos.

Any Video Converter Ultimate

Price: $ 49.95 for Windows and $ 54.95 for Mac

Platform: Windows and Mac

If you need a tool for downloading multiple YouTube videos at the same time, then Any Video Converter Ultimate is the software for you. The software can record, download and remove DRM protection from YouTube videos and can also burn them on blank CDs and DVDs.

  • The software also consists of a video editor.
  • It has 200+ file formats support.
  • It allows the users to download videos and music from over 100+ website in batch.
  • The video conversion takes longer than expected.

Price: $ 29.95/year for Windows and Mac both

Platform: Windows and Mac

VideoProc is another mass YouTube downloader that serves as a one-stop for video processing tools. With the help of this tool, you can easily download, convert, resize and adjust videos in any resolution. You can easily download videos and music from over 1000+ websites including YouTube. It can also be used to adjust the 4K UHD videos and burn them to DVDs.

  • You can also record the live streams of the TV shows, movies, and videos.
  • It is a very useful batch downloader.
  • The software doesn’t have transition options, themes, and audio effects.

3 Online YouTube Batch Downloaders


Price: Free

Dovideo is very popular as a YouTube multi downloader online platform. It allows the users to download videos from over 10000 websites in batch. This online tool also has a web extension and desktop software to further expand the features of the tool. It is a very powerful YouTube converter and can download videos even in 4K resolution.

  • It allows the users to download an entire playlist from YouTube.
  • It can also be used as a converter.
  • The format support is better in the Pro version.

Price: Free

AmoyShare has dedicated them in helping other people to make their lives more easy and entertaining. The Online YouTube bulk downloader designed by AmoyShare ease up the process of downloading YouTube videos. The users can easily search the video and download them in an instant. You just have to search the video by keyword or direct copy the link and the platform will provide you results for download.

  • The online tool doesn’t have any kind of virus, spyware or ads.
  • It allows the users to download YouTube video, music, playlist and channel.
  • You will often get prompted to install the software while downloading.


Price: Free

If you want to use an online YouTube batch downloader, then SaveTheVideo is the website for you. With this online tool, you can download YouTube videos and videos from other video hosting sites too. You just have to copy the link and paste it on the website and you will be able to download the video in original format.

  • It can also cut some sections of the videos.
  • You will get the videos in high quality.
  • For 4K resolution download, the online website will prompt you to download a tool.
Download NowDownload Now

Youtube To Mp3

Part 3. The Comparison Table for This 7 Youtube Batch Downloaders

All the tools we listed above have the capability to batch download YouTube videos. But to let you decide which you would be a better tool, we have drawn a comparison table so you can differentiate the tools according to your needs.

Features iTube Studio AmoyShare AnyUTube Any Video Converter Ultimate VideoProc Dovideo Free YouTube Downloader SaveTheVideo
Price $19/year for Windows and $24.95.year for Mac $19.99/year $ 49.95 for Windows and $ 54.95 for Mac $29.95/year Free Free Free
Supported Video Sites Over 10000 sites YouTube only 100+ sites 1000+ sites 10000+ sites 1000+ sites 1000+ sites
Multiple Download Speed 3X faster speed Super Fast speed Fast Speed Turbo Speed Good Good Average
Built-In Player YES Yes Yes No No No No
Download and Convert Videos In One Click Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes
Record Videos YES No Yes Yes No No No
Private Mode Support Yes Yes No No No No No

By this comparison table, we can conclude that iTube Studio is the best software for downloading YouTube video in batch.