How To Download Music On A Micro Sd Card

3rd October 2019

If you are taking about microSD, the pop them into the card slot and the let Google Music or other software as mentioned by @zero discover. If its SD card, then you should use a card read to connect SD to a PC and then copy them into your phone. See full list on Download music to your phone's SD card To make sure that the songs you’ve downloaded are stored on an SD card, install an SD card on your phone. Save to SD card by default.

Putting music on a SanDisk SD Card requires you to physically connect the card to your computer using an SD card reader. After the card is connected to your computer, you can view and edit the card's files and transfer music using the drag-and-drop method.

Keeping this in view, where are play music files stored?

How To Download Music On A Micro Sd Card For A

On many devices, the Google Play music is stored on the location : /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/ This music is present on the said location in the form of mp3 files. But the mp3 files are not in the order.

Why is my play music not working?

There is a simple workaround to fix this. In the Settings menu, go to Apps or Application Manager, search for Google Play Music. Then tap on “Storage” and then press “Clear Cache.” Restart the device, then open the Play Music app and all your music should now be available.

Why is my Google Music not syncing?

Google Play Music is not syncing. One culprit is a problem with the app's cache: Google suggests clearing the app data and cache, rebooting your device and then refreshing the library. It can take a while to sync after that, especially if you're syncing a lot of music, but that usually does the trick.

How do I transfer my music to my SD card?

Move Files from Internal Storage to SD Card - LG G3
  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps > Tools > File Manager.
  2. Tap All files.
  3. Tap Internal storage.
  4. Navigate to the appropriate folder (e.g., DCIM > Camera).
  5. Tap Move or Copy (located at the bottom).
  6. Tap (check) the appropriate file(s).
  7. Tap Move or Copy (located in the lower-right).
  8. Tap SD card.

How do I put music on my micro SD card?

  1. Connect the phone to your computer with a USB Cable.
  2. Use the computer to copy music and other audio files into the folder that you created on the microSD card.
  3. Open the Notifications panel and tap the USB connection type > Charge only.
  1. Open the Google Play Music app on your device.
  2. Open the Settings menu which is found in the side bar on the left – either swipe in from the side or tap the three lines at the top-left of the app.
  3. Under the Downloading section of the menu tap on Storage location.

How do I transfer music to my SD card on my phone?

  1. Go to your Settings.
  2. Application Manager (sometimes called “Apps”)
  3. Select the app that you want to move to your SD card.
  4. Tap on “Move to SD card”

How do I get my Google Play music on my SD card?

Go to Google Play Music's settings, then under Downloading, tap on 'Storage location.' Choose the external card as your new storage location. Immediately following your selection, any offline music files you had saved on your internal storage will be transferred to the external card.

How do I move music to SD card on Samsung?

Move Files from Internal Storage to SD Card - Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps > My Files.
  2. From the QUICK SEARCH section, select an option (e.g., Images, Audio, etc.).
  3. Tap the Menu icon (located in the upper-right).
  4. Tap Select.
  5. Tap (check) the desired music file(s).
  6. Tap the Menu icon.
Move Files from Internal Storage to SD Card - Samsung Galaxy J1™
  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps > My Files.
  2. Select an option (e.g., Images, Audio, etc.).
  3. Tap the Menu icon (located in the upper-right).
  4. Tap Select then select (check) the desired file(s).
  5. Tap the Menu icon.
  6. Tap Move.
  7. Tap SD card.

How do I transfer files from my SD card to my phone?

  1. Connect the USB cord to the phone, then to a computer.
  2. Use the USB cable that comes with the phone for best results.
  3. Click Open folder to view files and click OK.
  4. Locate the file(s) you want to move.
  5. Cut or copy and paste the desired file(s) from the internal storage to the SD card..

How do I transfer files from computer to SD card?

Insert the memory stick into an SD port on your computer or a memory card reader that's connected to the PC. Click the Windows orb and select 'Computer' in the right pane of the Start menu. Double-click the SD memory stick in the 'Devices with Removable Storage' section and then minimize the folder that opens.

How do I download music to Sandisk Clip sport?

Sansa Clip Sport doesn't need itunes to sync music, although you can sync them using Winamp or Windows Media Player. Download music into your PC>> copy them >>connect your clip sport MP3 player to your PC using the micro USB cable >> click open folders >> go to music folder >> and paste.

How do I transfer music from my tablet to my SD card?

Tap the three dots at the bottom right of the screen and choose Multi-select. Tap on each item you want to move to SD; when selected the white text becomes yellow. Now choose Move, browse to the microSD card and choose Move here. Repeat the process for any music and other files stored on your device.

How do I transfer music from computer to Sandisk?

Open Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows key and 'E' simultaneously. Navigate to the folder containing the music files you wish to transfer to the Sandisk card. Select the music file you want to copy. To select multiple files, hold the 'Ctrl' key down when clicking files.
  1. Insert the SD card into your computer's card reader.
  2. Open Start.
  3. Open File Explorer.
  4. Select your SD card.
  5. Review your SD card's files.
  6. Move files from your SD card onto your computer.
  7. Move files from your computer onto your SD card.
  8. Format your SD card.
  1. Open the YouTube Go app.
  2. Go to a video you'd like to download to your SD card.
  3. Tap the video once.
  4. Select the video quality of either Basic or Standard.
  5. Tap Download.

How do you put music on your computer?

  1. Download and install Android File Transfer on your computer.
  2. If your screen is locked, unlock your screen.
  3. Connect your computer to your device using a USB cable.
  4. Locate music files on your computer and drag them into your device's Music folder in Android File Transfer.

How do I get music from itunes to my Sansa Clip?

Double-click on the Music folder in Sansa player and for Flash drives you can simply drag & drop the songs in root directory. 4. Select a song you want to transfer to the device by clicking on it. NOTE: To select multiple songs, hold down the CONTROL key while clicking on the songs you want transferred.
  1. Open the YouTube video you want to download in your web browser.
  2. Copy the entire address for the video.
  3. Visit a YouTube converter site in a new browser tab.
  4. Paste the copied URL into the blank field on the converter field.
  5. Click the 'Download' or 'Convert' button.

How do you move pictures to SD Card on Galaxy s7?

How to move apps to the microSD card on your Galaxy smartphone
  1. With a microSD card installed, launch the Settings app.
  2. Find and select Applications, make sure All apps is selected from the dropdown at the top.
  3. Select an app you want to move.
  4. Tap Storage.
  5. If an app can be moved, a Change button will be present.
  6. Tap Change > SD Card > then follow the prompts.

How do I move all of my pictures to my SD card?

Go to the folder you want to move and long press it, copy and select Paste Here option at the location you want to move it. This is how you move pictures, data from phone gallery or memory to SD card in Samsung Galaxy S5 or any other Android phone.
  1. Tap Apps.
  2. Select an app you want to move to the microSD card.
  3. Tap Storage.
  4. Tap Change if it's there. If you don't see the Change option, the app cannot be moved.
  5. Tap Move.
  6. Navigate to settings on your phone.
  7. Tap Storage.
  8. Select your SD card.
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How To Download Music On A Micro Sd Card

How to Move Music to SD Card

Move music to SD Card manually

Android devices have a default file manager app where users can sort out their files either on phone memory or onto an SD card. If the mobile device does not have any file manager, go to the Play Store and download one. With thisfile manager, you may move or copy music stored on your phone to the SD card manually. Follow the simple guide below to move music from phone to SD card.

  • Go to your phone’s File Manager and proceed to the Internal Storage.
  • Open the Music Folder or where your music file is stored.
  • Select the songs you want to move then tap the vertical ellipsis on the upper right-hand corner.
  • Select “Move” > SD Card > go to folders where you want to save your music files and click “Done” to move music files from phone memory to SD card.
  • Or just go to “My Files” > “Audio” > select all songs on the “Phone Memory” > tap the ellipsis on the upper right-hand of the screen > choose “Move” and tap “SD card” > select folder where you want to save your music files.

On the other hand, if the above-mentioned way does not work well, try these file transferring and managing tools that will help you on how to move music from phone to SD card seamlessly.


Download Songs To Sd Card

AirMore is an application that enables users to connect mobile phone to computers wirelessly. This tool lets users store, transfer, and stream data via WiFi connection. Moreover, it works remarkably well on both iOS and Android devices as well as on Mac and Windows platforms as long as it has a web browser. With the help of this transferring app, you can conveniently manage your files such as photos, videos, music, documents, and more using your PC. To move music to SD card using this wonderful tool, read on the step-by-step procedure below.

  • Download and install the AirMore App on your device.
  • Go to the AirMore Web to get the QR code.
  • Open the app on your phone and tap “Scan to connect” to link both devices. Make sure that your devices are connected to the same network.
  • Once successfully connected, click the “Files” icon on the interface and go to the “Phone Memory” then proceed to the folder where your music file is located. Select the music files you wish to transfer then click the “Export” button to move your music from phone to PC first.
  • Finally, scroll down on to “ExtSDCard” on the Files tab, click the “Import” icon then choose the files you just exported to your PC to complete the music transfer from phone to SD card completely. › WatchHow To Put ITunes Music On SD Card/MicroSD Card, Sync Songs ...


Another tool is ApowerManager. It is a file managing tool that allows you to manage phone data and transfer files from your phone to the computer, and delete or print your documents stored on your phone from PC effortlessly. In addition, it offers a lot of useful tools and a user-friendly interface that make it even more beneficial. It lets you connect your mobile device to a computer by just using a USB cord or linking them together via same WiFi connection. Moreover, this program allows you to backup your files so you can easily restore them at anytime. To know how to move music from phone to SD card, just follow the easy steps below.

  • Download the app on both PC and phone. Launch it afterwards.
  • Connect both devices using a USB cable.
  • Once connected, go to the “Manage” option at the top portion of the interface.
  • Then, go to the “Music” tab and choose the songs you wished to move and click the “Export” icon to transfer music to PC.
  • Go to “SD card” under the “Files” category.
  • Click “Import” then select the songs you just exported and click “Open” to transfer them to your SD card.

How To Download Music On To A Micro Sd Card


ApowerManager and AirMore not only allow you to move music files from internal storage to your SD card, but also let you transfer music from PC to SD card. They are great tools to assist you in managing and transferring your files from phone to phone, phone to PC and vice versa. We hope that this article will solve your problem in transferring your music file from phone to SD card.

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