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Feb 11, 2017 There are multiple ways to transfer or upload music to your Samsung Galaxy S5. We do not claim to give you all of these methods here, but rather to tell you the easiest ways to put music on your phone. Transfer your favorite songs from your computer to your Samsung Galaxy S5. To transfer your music from your computer, simply connect your computer to your mobile phone via a USB cable. Samsung Galaxy Music App; How To Download Music To Samsung Galaxy S5; How To Download Music To Samsung Galaxy Note 5; The best Samsung Data Backup software will help you transfer music between Samsung and computer, so that you can freely export or import songs from/to Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus/S8/S7/Note 8/Note 7. When it comes to listening to. Downloads from the Internet browser or the e-mail program are stored in this directory. Open a file explorer such as 'My Documents': Homescreen - App Menu - Samsung Folder - My Files. After you have opened the app on the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can now navigate to the following subfolders of the internal memory to view the downloads that. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+ (shortened to S9 and S9+, respectively) are Android smartphones produced by Samsung Electronics as part of the Samsung Galaxy S series. The devices were revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 25 February 2018, as the successors to the S8 and S8+.


You have finally got your Samsung S5, and you want to transfer all your data on it. After trying to do so, you may realize it is not that easy. Transferring music from iCloud to your Samsung S5 may be harder than it looks. Keep reading to find out how to transfer music from your computer, iTunes, iCloud, and other devices to Samsung S5.

If you want to transfer music to Samsung Galaxy S5, you will be required to click 'Music' to show the music window. By clicking 'Add' to choose the source path, you can browse your computer for the music files. Then, transfer them to your Samsung Galaxy S5. With this free Galaxy S5 music converter, you can convert any music to Galaxy S5 playable music format on Mac and Windows. If you like you can convert your downloaded concert to MP3 for S5. Free download Music converter for Galaxy S5 here. This audio converter is a professional MP3 audio converter.

Part 1. How to Put Music from Computer to Samsung Galaxy S5

Transferring music from your computer to Samsung S5 is really easy. Here are the simple steps.

The first thing you have to do is open the cover which is located at the bottom of your phone.

How Do I Download Music To My Galaxy S5 Youtube

Samsung music downloads mp3

Then, take your USB cable and connect one side with your phone, and the other side with your computer. Once you do so, you will get a notification on your phone. Slide down your notification bar (slide from the top edge of your phone), and you will see that your Samsung S5 is connected as a media device.

Press this button, and a new menu will open up. There, you should make sure that your phone is connected as a media device.

Now, this is where the file transfer begins. Open File Manager (Windows Explorer) on your computer.

The next step is to open the folder which contains your music files.

After selecting the files you can simply move them to “Removable Disk” (which is your phone). It can be seen on the left side, under the computer icon. Or, you can open “Removable Disk” and find the folder named “Music” and copy your songs there.

Part 2. How to Put Music from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S5

Transferring music from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S5 is as easy as the previous tutorial. This time, you have to find the folder which contains your itunes music. It is usually the following one:

After you do so, make sure to repeat the steps from above.

But, sometimes this process may be a little boring. It takes time to find the folders, and select the desired songs. What if we told you there is a simple tool that could make your life easier? It is called Wondershare MobileTrans.

Wondershare MobileTrans is a software which allows you to easily transfer music (or any other file type) from your computer, iCloud, iTunes, iOS and other platforms directly to Samsung Galaxy S5 (or any other Android phone).

Wondershare MobileTrans can be used by anyone with ease and does not require any specialized skills to operate the program. The sublime software does not have a steep learning curve, and guides you through the entire process of data transfer in a streamlined manner.

4,088,454 people have downloaded it

Here are few simple steps how to transfer data from itunes to android.

The first step is opening your iTunes.

Then, you can create a playlist called MobileTrans or something else you like. There, simply put all the songs you want transferred from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S5.

Then, open Wondershare MobileTrans and choose the “Restore from Backups” option, and choose iTunes.

After you do so, connect your phone, choose the songs you want to copy, and press the “Start Copy” button. You can choose the playlist you’ve just created, or add other playlists too.

Wait until the copy finishes, and you are done!

Part 3. How to Put Music from iCloud to Samsung Galaxy S5

Transfer Music To Galaxy S5

When you open Wondeshare MobileTrans, look for the iCloud icon which can be found in the restore block. Then, enter your iCloud data and login to iCloud. Once you login, you won’t have to login again.

Then, make sure that your network connection is functioning properly, and download the iCloud backup.

Based on your Internet speed and the size of your files, the download time varies. But, once the download is complete, connect your Samsung Galaxy S5. Then, simply click the “Start Copy” button. This way, the files will be copied from iCloud backup to your device.

Part 4. How to Put Music from Other Devices to Samsung Galaxy S5

Transferring music from another device to Samsung Galaxy S5 can be done by using Bluetooth. But, picking multiple files may be a real pain in the neck. And also, the transfer may take a lot of time. But, what if a device doesn’t have Bluetooth? Let’s take an iPhone for example. You would have to transfer the music from iPhone to your computer, then from the computer on you Samsung Galaxy S5. This all can be done in a few simple clicks, by using Wondershare MobileTrans. Here is how:

The first step is to open Wondershare MobileTrans. Then, click Start and enter the phone to phone transfer. This is when you connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 and the other device. The other device can be an Android phone, Symbian or iOS device. Once the devices are connected, here is how your MobileTrans window should look like.

Now, you can choose the data you want from your source phone. In our case, it is Music. But, also photos, messages and other files can be transferred, too. After you have marked the files you need transferred, click “Start Copy.”

How Do I Download Music To My Galaxy S5 Computer

And, well, that’s it! So simple, isn’t it?

Transferring your music from your computer, another device, iTunes and iCloud can be sometimes demanding. It takes time and sometimes it can’t be even done. But, with the help of Wondershare MobileTrans everything can be done in less than a minute.

Wondershare MobileTrans will help you put your music from other devices directly to your phone. But, it doesn’t only have to be music. Many other files can be transferred too. You can transfer contacts, messages, calendar, photos, videos, call logs and even apps!

This software also allows you to back up your phone to your PC, and then restore the files to another phone. You can sync the files between Android phones, iPhones, iPads, iPods and even Nokia phones. Data can be retrieved from iCloud and iTunes to any other device.

This software also allows you to back up your phone to your PC, and then restore the files to another phone. You can sync the files between Android phones, iPhones, iPads, iPods and even Nokia phones. Data can be retrieved from iCloud and iTunes to any other device.

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As we all know, YouTube is a popular global-sharing website that allows users to view, rate, upload and share videos, including music videos, video clips, TV clips, movie trailers, and other content like short original videos, educational videos, and video blogging. Now you can even share Youtube videos at a specific time.

However, Google doesn’t allow users to download music or videos from YouTube to Android directly, which is considered as piracy. If YouTube is your key source for streaming music and you don’t want to spend bucks on it, you’ll need to take the matter in your hands – a YouTube video/audio downloader for android. Here the role of Videoer, TubeMate, Peggo, etc come into play. With one of these YouTube downloader apps, you can download all your favorite music and videos from YouTube to Android at one go.

If you don’t own the Galaxy S5 or one of the previously mentioned devices, you won’t be able to use Milk Music. It’s a Samsung-exclusive app that only works for certain Samsung smartphones, so don’t waste your time downloading it if you have a non-Samsung smartphone.

Tip: How to Convert YouTube FLV to Apple Prores 422 for FCP


Top 1: Videoder


  1. Allow a bulk download
    You can download much YouTube music to Android at the same time while browsing.
  2. All Resolutions and Formats
    You can download any videos as MP3, 4K, 1080P, 720P, 480P, 240P, 144P and in 60fps.
  3. Support more other websites
    This youtube music downloader for android supports more other music and video websites, like,,, etc.
  4. Display without ads
    No matter when you download or play the music, the annoying ads won’t turn up.

Top 2: Droid YouTube Downloader

How To Download Music In Samsung Gt S5360


  1. Multiple downloads
    This app allows downloading several pieces of music at the same time.
  2. Downloaded as video or audio
    You will be able to save the downloaded music not only as high-quality video but also as audio.
  3. No ads
    During the process of using this app, there is no ads annoying you.


  1. Only supports downloading music from YouTube and DailyMotion for your Android.

Top 3: YouTube MP3 and Video Downloader


  1. Download multiple music or videos
    You can download multiple music and videos simultaneously as you like.
  2. Saved as mp3 or videos
    With this YouTube music Android download app, you can search for any mp3 music or videos to download them.
  3. Diverse music sources
    It allows to download mp3 music for free from all websites without limitations.


  1. There will be some ads to bother you while browsing pages of this app.

How To Download Music Samsung S5 To Pc

Top 4: TubeMate


  1. Multiple downloads
    This app can preserve the original quality of the YouTube music at a high speed and it allows multiple downloads simultaneously.
  2. Saved as music or videos
    This app can save and play downloaded files like videos or music to satisfy your certain needs.

How To Download Music For Samsung Galaxy S5


  1. Support one website
    TubeMate only applies to YouTube, so you can download music only from YouTube to Android, not from other video websites.
  2. Display Ads
    Ads will be displayed after you install the app on your Android.

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Top 5: YouTube Song Downloader


  1. Support more websites
    You can download more than YouTube music to your Android as you want.
  2. Display no ads
    After you install the app on your Android, you can browse and download without ads.


  1. Only audio track
    This app only saves the audio track for YouTube music on your Android.
  2. Only download one at a time
    You can only select one of your favorite music and click the share button to download the soundtrack.

Top 6: Peggo


How To Download Music Samsung S5
  1. Support YouTube to Mp3 converter
    It can support YouTube to Mp3 converter for Android to rip audio from YouTube videos.
  2. Practical options – “Silence removal” and “Volume normalization”
    Peggo can automatically remove unwanted silence from the beginning and end of videos so you can get Mp3 with the good stuff. And you never have to reach for the volume dial between Mp3s because Peggo normalizes every recording to the same and comfortable volume.
  3. Music Directory for Mp3 files storage
    Peggo provides a dedicated storage space “Music Directory” for these Mp3 files in case of confusion with ones from other sources.

Galaxy S5 Music Download App Android

How to Download Music from Youtube to Android

Here we take Peggo as an example and show you how to quickly install Peggo app and start downloading YouTube audios or videos on Android.

Tip: If unfortunately, you lost your video or audio files on Android, please remember to stop using your phone and use this Android Phone Recovery to recover deleted videos and audios from Android phones.

1. Installing the Peggo app

As you cannot find Peggo in Google Play Store, you’ll have to make sure that you’ve enabled the “Unknown Sources” option before you install it. Plus, you need to install the APK files to your Android device. Then click on the “Download Complete” notification and when a prompt screen appears, press “Install”.

2. Sharing a video

With this YouTube music android download app installed in your device, downloading a YouTube video or ripping an Mp3 from YouTube video is very simple. All you need is just to find a video in your regular YouTube app. A share button will appear beneath the description and tap on this “share” button. Lastly, choose Peggo from the list.

3. Ripping audio or a video

Galaxy S5 Music Download App Free

Samsung Music App For Computers

After you share the video to Peggo, the app will start downloading an Mp3. Tap on the option “Record Mp3” to get a copy of the audio track from the corresponding video, Peggo serving as a YouTube music downloader for Android. Here, you can also find options for you to adjust sound and other things.

How To Download Music From Computer To Samsung S5

For downloading the actual video, you need to select the option “Record Video” instead, then choose your desired resolution and click on “Record Mp4”. Once you tap the record button, the Mp3 or video will automatically start downloading. But always make sure that you don’t put yourself in trouble for pirating content by keeping yourself aware of the fact that some videos on YouTube hold copyrights.

As the Peggo has a blazing fast speed, you needn’t keep the app open in the foreground. It will download the files in no time either way. Once the downloading is complete, you can find your recording in the Peggo folder inside the “Music” directory either on your SD card or in internal storage. And finally, it will start playing in any music or video app on your device.

Samsung App For Free Download Music

Samsung Galaxy Music Download Apps

Having had a general understanding of these YouTube downloader apps for Android, you must can’t wait to have a try. Please leave your message in the comment area below after your experience!

Download Music To Samsung S5

Music Download App For Laptop

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