How To Download Your Music From Icloud

For most carriers, 'unlimited' data plans aren't really unlimited, and they still cost more than data limited plans. So while subscribing to music streaming services and storing your own music library in the cloud may be more convenient, it may eat your data up like candy. To keep that from happening, try downloading tracks from Apple Music for offline playback.

By subscribing to a paid Apple Music subscription, you're not just opening the door for millions of tracks the service offers, you automatically receive iTunes Match, which is also available as a standalone paid service for those who don't want to subscribe to Apple Music. Match analyzes the songs you have in your iTunes library, then gives you access to corresponding tracks on Apple's servers, allowing you to download that content straight to your iPhone or Android device.

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This article dives into how to save and download your personal music collection to your device using Apple Music. If you're curious about downloading Apple Music content to your iPhone or Android device, make sure to check out our guide below.

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  • How to get/download music from iCloud to iPhone Method 1: Download music from iCloud on iPhone/iPad/iPod. If the songs you want to download are the ones you bought on iTunes Store, you can easily get them back in iTunes Store App on your iDevice directly. Step 1: Go to 'iTunes Store' on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Free Download All Songs; How To Download All Songs From Icloud To Iphone; One of the best ways to free up space on your iPhone is to use iCloud storage, and one of the best uses for iCloud is music. If you're using iCloud for music, you can choose which songs and albums to upload, and then you can download them to your device later for offline.


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  • More Info: Download Tracks for Offline Playback That You Save to Your Library

How iTunes Match Works

When you import a CD or buy an album from another seller like Amazon, as long as you add that music to your iTunes library, you'll also see it remotely on your iPhone or Android device after Match finds a compatible version. There's a 100,000-song limit but purchased iTunes music doesn't count against it.

For any tracks that Apple cannot find on its own servers, they will upload those songs to the cloud. ALAC, WAV, and AIFF formats get converted to AAC 256 Kbps versions so they are compatible on all devices, while AAC and MP3 formats are uploaded as is as long as their quality is good enough.

None of this counts toward your overall iCloud storage, so you can max out Apple's 100,000 song limit without worrying about your iCloud data plan overloading.

What this all means is you will be able to see your personal music library on your phone just as you would with any Apple Music songs you've added to your library. You'll then be able to download those songs to your iPhone or Android device for offline listening.

Step 1: Enable iCloud Music Library in iOS

For all of the steps below, iCloud Music Library must be enabled. To check if this setting is enabled on your iPhone, open the Settings app, tap 'Music,' then enable 'iCloud Music Library.' On Android, you won't find iCloud Music Library, but it will already be enabled by default.

How To Download My Songs From Icloud

Step 2: Sign into Your Apple ID in iTunes

How To Download All Your Songs From Icloud At Once

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How To Download All My Music From Icloud

For this to work, you'll need to make sure you're signed into iTunes using the Apple ID that's connected to Apple Music. To check, click 'Account' in the menu bar at the top of the display (Mac) or at the top of the iTunes window (Windows). If the account matches, you're all set. If not, click 'Sign Out' if another account is signed in, then 'Sign In.' Enter your Apple ID and password, then click 'Sign In' once more.