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Dec 10, 2014 Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Legacy Game online, free - The Power Rangers are back! Choose your favorite character and fight against the powerful forces of evil that threaten the earth and its inhabitants.Show off your amazing skills and prepare to fight! Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid - Lord Zedd. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid - MMPR Red Dragon Shield Skin. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid - Tommy Oliver Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Green V2 Skin. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid - Drakkon Evo 2 Skin.

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Power Rangers Samurai is the eighteenth season of the Power Rangers franchise series, and is based on the original Japanese Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. The series has two seasons: the first in 2011, second in 2012 titled Power Rangers Super Samurai. This season the series are produced by Saban Capital Group, heir to the Saban Enterteiment. The Samurai Rangers, Jayden, Kevin, Mia, Emily and Mike fight against the monstrous Master Xandred Nighlok and his army, who want to flood the planet with the river waters Sanzu to lead to the extinction of human civilization.

We do not have too many games in this category, we hope that in the future other games appear to expose them to this page. For now you can enjoy these wonderful games with your friends.

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This version of games comes with a new design, more beautiful than the one before. And the games seem more successful, more special graphics with a nice story. The characters seem to be the same, but we know that they will get new powers. We leave you to discover what means super samurai.