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Word Connect is a puzzle game where your main objective is to form new words. In each level, you'll find there's a set of letters that you should put in order so as to form as many new words as there are gaps in the upper part of your screen. If you find extra words, even better.
Starting out in the first few levels of Word Connect, you'll find that there's only three or four letters, so it's not too hard to find the right combos to form new words. But, as you level up unlocking new packages of letter sets, things get tougher. Five and six letter words will really put your spelling and vocabulary skills to the test. Luckily enough, if you ever get stuck you can always get a hint to point you in the right direction about where letters should go.
In Word Connect, you'll find there are over 2000 different levels, scattered throughout 100 distinct packages. In order to unlock each level, all you have to do is bet coins and win. With these coins, you'll get the chance to buy more hints and new sets of letters. Plus, if you ever run out of coins, you'll get the option to watch a quick video ad to get more.
Word Connect is a very fun word jumble game. Now you can learn new vocabulary words easier than ever while having some fun. Plus, just tap on any of the words you put together to look it up in the dictionary. Spend some time polishing your vocabulary skills in this fun puzzle game.

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Puzzle Game Download Uptodown For Windows

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