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Rock band music download

. Check your Rock Band stats and compare yourself to other players. View your Rock Band music library, including your scores for any instrument, and easily find new songs to purchase. Create your own Crew with up to 10 friends, or find and join an existing one. Invite new players to your Crew, or kick people out! Boasting a world-class soundtrack of more than 60 tracks, Rock Band 4 is packed with songs from legendary musicians, the hottest artists of today, and acts on the verge of setting the music world on fire. And, you can build your library with more than 1,500 songs available for download through the in-game Rock Band Music Store. Hassle free Creative Commons music. Search and download free high quality music for podcasts, phone messages, background music for your business, YouTube videos. No sign up required! Rock Band 2 is able to fully integrate current and future Rock Band DLC into its setlist. The Rock Band 2 20-pack is only available to download via back of the Rock Band 2 manual booklet. For a list of The Beatles: Rock Band DLC, see The Beatles: Rock Band Downloadable Content. Beatles songs cannot be transferred to any other Rock Band games.

The Rock Band series of music video games supports downloadable songs for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions through the consoles' respective online services. Users can download songs on a track-by-track basis, with many of the tracks also offered as part of a 'song pack' or complete album at a discounted rate.[1] All songs that are available to Rock Band 3 are playable in Rock Band Blitz.

Harmonix previously announced in February 2013 that it would stop regularly releasing new DLC songs for the Rock Band series after April 2, 2013 (with Don McLean's 'American Pie' serving as the 'final' song)[2] in order to focus on other projects, ending over 280 consecutive weeks of weekly releases dating back to 2007. On January 12, 2015, Harmonix announced that it would release three new DLC songs for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Rock Band 3 on January 13, 2015, the first in nearly 21 months.[2][3][4] The sudden release, along with a survey posted by Harmonix a few days later, hinted at the possibility of a new Rock Band game for eighth generation consoles.[5]

Rock Band 4 was unveiled in March 2015, and released on October 6, 2015.[6][7] › wiki › List_of_downloadable_songsList of downloadable songs for the Rock Band series - Wikipedia

List of songs released in 2019

The following table lists the available songs for the Rock Band series released in 2019. All songs available in packs are also available as individual song downloads on the same date, unless otherwise noted. Dates listed are the initial release of songs on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Starting from October 6, 2015, all music added to the downloadable content catalog is exclusive to Rock Band 4. In addition, due to changes in the charting format and gameplay of Rock Band 4, the released songs no longer support keyboard or Pro guitar and bass (future downloadable content will continue to support vocal harmonies and Pro drum charts), and most songs no longer display 'family friendly' or 'supervision recommended' ratings. Downloadable content from previous Rock Band titles (excepting The Beatles: Rock Band) is forward-compatible in Rock Band 4 within the same system family (Xbox 360 downloads are usable in the Xbox One version and PlayStation 3 downloads are usable in the PlayStation 4 version) at no additional cost.[8]

Song titleArtistYearGenreSingle / Pack nameRelease dateFamily FriendlyAdditional Rock Band 3 Features
'Peace Sells'[lower-alpha 1]Megadeth1986MetalSingleJan 3, 2019N/AN/A
'Angel of Death'Slayer1986MetalSingleJan 3, 2019N/AN/A
'Starlight'BABYMETAL2018MetalSingleJan 10, 2019N/AN/A
'When Legends Rise'Godsmack2018Nu-MetalSingleJan 10, 2019N/AN/A
'Forever in Your Hands'[lower-alpha 2]All That Remains2008MetalSingleJan 17, 2019N/AN/A
'Hey There Mr. Brooks'[lower-alpha 2]Asking Alexandria2009MetalSingleJan 17, 2019N/AN/A
'Remedy'[lower-alpha 2]Seether2005MetalSingleJan 17, 2019N/AN/A
'Learn to Fly'[lower-alpha 3]Foo Fighters1999AlternativeSingleJan 24, 2019N/AN/A
'The Hand That Feeds'[lower-alpha 3]Nine Inch Nails2005RockSingleJan 24, 2019N/AN/A
'Shame'Elle King2018AlternativeSingleJan 31, 2019N/AN/A
'Body Talks'The Struts2018RockSingleJan 31, 2019N/AN/A
'Gasoline'[lower-alpha 2]The Bouncing Souls2010AlternativeSingleFeb 7, 2019N/AN/A
'The Triumph'Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams2018RockSingleFeb 7, 2019N/AN/A
'Lady in a Blue Dress'[lower-alpha 2]Senses Fail2004AlternativeSingleFeb 7, 2019N/AN/A
'Push'Matchbox Twenty1996AlternativeSingleFeb 14, 2019N/AN/A
'The Reason'Hoobastank2004AlternativeSingleFeb 14, 2019N/AN/A
'Wagon Wheel'Darius Rucker2013CountrySingleFeb 21, 2019N/AN/A
'Bitch'Meredith Brooks1997AlternativeSingleFeb 21, 2019N/AN/A
'Farewell, Mona Lisa'[lower-alpha 2]The Dillinger Escape Plan2010MetalSingleFeb 28, 2019N/AN/A
'Bleed'[lower-alpha 2]Meshuggah2008MetalSingleFeb 28, 2019N/AN/A
'[&] Delinquents'[lower-alpha 2]Woe, Is Me2010RockSingleFeb 28, 2019N/AN/A
'Drown'Bring Me the Horizon2015Nu-MetalBring Me the Horizon 01Mar 7, 2019N/AN/A
'MANTRA'Bring Me the Horizon2019Nu-MetalBring Me the Horizon 01Mar 7, 2019N/AN/A
'Pray for Plagues'[lower-alpha 2]Bring Me the Horizon2006Nu-MetalBring Me the Horizon 01Mar 7, 2019N/AN/A
'Paradise'Coldplay2011AlternativeSingleMar 14, 2019N/AN/A
'Uma Thurman'Fall Out Boy2014Pop-RockSingleMar 14, 2019N/AN/A
'Superposition'Young the Giant2018AlternativeSingleMar 21, 2019N/AN/A
'When the Seasons Change'Five Finger Death Punch2018MetalSingleMar 21, 2019N/AN/A
'Lemon Meringue Tie'[lower-alpha 2]Dance Gavin Dance2007Indie RockSingleMar 28, 2019N/AN/A
'Caraphernelia'[lower-alpha 2]Pierce the Veil2010EmoSingleMar 28, 2019N/AN/A
'Battle Royale'[lower-alpha 2]The Word Alive2009MetalSingleMar 28, 2019N/AN/A
'S.O.S.'The Glorious Sons2017RockSingleApr 4, 2019N/AN/A
'Do Your Worst'Rival Sons2019RockSingleApr 4, 2019N/AN/A
'If You Can't Hang'[lower-alpha 2]Sleeping with Sirens2011EmoSingleApr 11, 2019N/AN/A
'The Attitude Song'[lower-alpha 2]Steve Vai1984RockSingleApr 11, 2019N/AN/A
'Seven'[lower-alpha 2]Sunny Day Real Estate1994AlternativeSingleApr 11, 2019N/AN/A
'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)'The Proclaimers1988RockSingleApr 18, 2019N/AN/A
'La Bamba'Los Lobos1987Pop-RockSingleApr 18, 2019N/AN/A
'Do Not Disturb'Halestorm2018RockSingleApr 25, 2019N/AN/A
'Flag in the Ground'[lower-alpha 2]Sonata Arctica2009MetalSingleApr 25, 2019N/AN/A
'Disengage'[lower-alpha 2]Suicide Silence2009MetalSingleApr 25, 2019N/AN/A
'Hold On'[lower-alpha 2]All That Remains2010MetalSingleMay 2, 2019N/AN/A
'The Gun Show'[lower-alpha 2]In This Moment2010MetalSingleMay 2, 2019N/AN/A
'Harmony Hall'Vampire Weekend2019Indie RockSingleMay 2, 2019N/AN/A
'It's Complicated'[lower-alpha 2]A Day to Remember2010PunkSingleMay 9, 2019N/AN/A
'Longshot'Catfish and the Bottlemen2019Indie RockSingleMay 9, 2019N/AN/A
'Nemesis'[lower-alpha 2]Arch Enemy2005MetalSingleMay 16, 2019N/AN/A
'Over My Head'Judah & the Lion2019AlternativeSingleMay 16, 2019N/AN/A
'Night on Bald Mountain (Mussorgsky)'[lower-alpha 2]Paul Henry Smith & The Fauxharmonic Orchestra2010ClassicalSingleMay 16, 2019N/AN/A
'The Serpentine Offering'[lower-alpha 2]Dimmu Borgir2007MetalSingleMay 23, 2019N/AN/A
'Salvation'The Strumbellas2019AlternativeSingleMay 23, 2019N/AN/A
'You Only Live Once'[lower-alpha 2]Suicide Silence2011MetalSingleMay 30, 2019N/AN/A
'Tourniquet'Breaking Benjamin2018AlternativeSingleMay 30, 2019N/AN/A
'The Waiting One'[lower-alpha 2]All That Remains2010MetalSingleJun 6, 2019N/AN/A
'When Am I Gonna Lose You'Local Natives2019AlternativeSingleJun 6, 2019N/AN/A
'Wake Up'[lower-alpha 2]Suicide Silence2009MetalSingleJun 6, 2019N/AN/A
'The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose'[lower-alpha 2]Circa Survive2007AlternativeSingleJun 13, 2019N/AN/A
'If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn'[lower-alpha 2]Sleeping with Sirens2010EmoSingleJun 13, 2019N/AN/A
'Berzerker'[lower-alpha 2]After the Burial2009MetalSingleJun 20, 2019N/AN/A
'We Are Not Anonymous'[lower-alpha 2]Unearth2008MetalSingleJun 20, 2019N/AN/A
'Shallow Waters'[lower-alpha 2]Amberian Dawn2009MetalSingleJun 27, 2019N/AN/A
'Lexington (Joey Pea-Pot With a Monkey Face)'[lower-alpha 2]Chiodos2007EmoSingleJun 27, 2019N/AN/A
'Sucker'Jonas Brothers2019Pop-RockSingleJul 2, 2019N/AN/A
'High Hopes'Panic! at the Disco2018EmoSingleJul 2, 2019N/AN/A
'Days Without'[lower-alpha 2]All That Remains2008MetalSingleJul 11, 2019N/AN/A
'Change'The Revivalists2018AlternativeSingleJul 11, 2019N/AN/A
'Kick Some Ass '09'[lower-alpha 2]Stroke 92010RockSingleJul 11, 2019N/AN/A
'100 Bad Days'AJR2019Pop-RockSingleJul 18, 2019N/AN/A
'Caves'[lower-alpha 2]Chiodos2010EmoSingleJul 18, 2019N/AN/A
'Requiem for a Dying Song'[lower-alpha 2]Flogging Molly2008PunkSingleJul 18, 2019N/AN/A
'For We Are Many'[lower-alpha 2]All That Remains2010MetalSingleJul 25, 2019N/AN/A
'Obfuscation'[lower-alpha 2]Between the Buried and Me2009ProgSingleJul 25, 2019N/AN/A
'Alligator'Of Monsters and Men2019Indie RockSingleJul 25, 2019N/AN/A
'The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle'[lower-alpha 2]A Day to Remember2007PunkSingleAug 1, 2019N/AN/A
'The Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel)'[lower-alpha 2]Asking Alexandria2009MetalSingleAug 1, 2019N/AN/A
'Blame It on My Youth'Blink-1822019PunkSingleAug 1, 2019N/AN/A
'Undone'[lower-alpha 2]All That Remains2008MetalSingleAug 8, 2019N/AN/A
'Very Busy People'[lower-alpha 2]The Limousines2010AlternativeSingleAug 8, 2019N/AN/A
'Gloria'The Lumineers2019Indie RockSingleAug 8, 2019N/AN/A
'Have Faith in Me'[lower-alpha 2]A Day to Remember2009PunkSingleAug 15, 2019N/AN/A
'Hurt'Oliver Tree2019AlternativeSingleAug 15, 2019N/AN/A
'Jumpers'[lower-alpha 2]Sleater-Kinney2005Indie RockSingleAug 15, 2019N/AN/A
'Battles and Brotherhood'[lower-alpha 2]3 Inches of Blood2009MetalSingleAug 22, 2019N/AN/A
'Missed Connection'The Head and the Heart2019AlternativeSingleAug 22, 2019N/AN/A
'The Hounds of Anubis'[lower-alpha 2]The Word Alive2010MetalSingleAug 22, 2019N/AN/A
'Robots May Break Your Heart'[lower-alpha 2]Riverboat Gamblers2008PunkSingleAug 29, 2019N/AN/A
'Entertain'[lower-alpha 2]Sleater-Kinney2005Indie RockSingleAug 29, 2019N/AN/A
'Old Town Road (Remix)'Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus2019CountrySingleSep 5, 2019N/AN/A
'21'H.E.R.2019R&B/Soul/FunkSingleSep 12, 2019N/AN/A
'Buster Voodoo'[lower-alpha 2]Rodrigo y Gabriela2009RockSingleSep 12, 2019N/AN/A
'sugar honey ice & tea'Bring Me the Horizon2019Nu-MetalSingleSep 19, 2019N/AN/A
'When I'm Gone'Dirty Honey2019RockSingleSep 19, 2019N/AN/A
'Highway to Oblivion'DragonForce2019MetalSingleSep 26, 2019N/AN/A
'For the Love of God (Live)'[lower-alpha 2]Steve Vai2009RockSingleSep 26, 2019N/AN/A
'The Mob Goes Wild'[lower-alpha 2]Clutch2004RockSingleOct 3, 2019N/AN/A
'This City Made Us'The Protomen2015RockSingleOct 3, 2019N/AN/A
'Two Shots'[lower-alpha 4]Duck & Cover2019Punk4th Anniversary Free DLC PackOct 10, 2019N/AN/A
'Don't Let Her Go'[lower-alpha 4]Newfane2019Alternative4th Anniversary Free DLC PackOct 10, 2019N/AN/A
'Time for Crime'[lower-alpha 4]Orion2019Pop/Dance/Electronic4th Anniversary Free DLC PackOct 10, 2019N/AN/A
'Fall Apart'[lower-alpha 4]Shocked Laura2019Pop/Dance/Electronic4th Anniversary Free DLC PackOct 10, 2019N/AN/A
'Blue on Black'Five Finger Death Punch2018MetalSingleOct 17, 2019N/AN/A
'Trouble'Five Finger Death Punch2017MetalSingleOct 17, 2019N/AN/A
'You're Gonna Say Yeah!'[lower-alpha 2]Hushpuppies2005RockSingleOct 24, 2019N/AN/A
'Might Be Right'White Reaper2019AlternativeSingleOct 24, 2019N/AN/A
'Feed My Frankenstein'Alice Cooper1991RockSingleOct 31, 2019N/AN/A
'Unsainted'Slipknot2019Nu-MetalSingleOct 31, 2019N/AN/A
'CHAMPION'Bishop Briggs2019AlternativeSingleNov 7, 2019N/AN/A
'Good Things Fall Apart'Illenium & Jon Bellion2019Pop/Dance/ElectronicSingleNov 7, 2019N/AN/A
'Sequestered in Memphis'[lower-alpha 2]The Hold Steady2008Indie RockSingleNov 14, 2019N/AN/A
'You're A Wolf'[lower-alpha 2]Sea Wolf2007Indie RockSingleNov 14, 2019N/AN/A
'Dear Insanity'[lower-alpha 2]Asking Alexandria2011MetalSingleNov 21, 2019N/AN/A
'Morte et Dabo'[lower-alpha 2]Asking Alexandria2011MetalSingleNov 21, 2019N/AN/A
'Back Foot'Dinosaur Pile-Up2019RockThe Riff PackNov 26, 2019N/AN/A
'Welcome Home'Hellyeah2019RockThe Riff PackNov 26, 2019N/AN/A
'Taste of Regret'Of Mice & Men2019MetalThe Riff PackNov 26, 2019N/AN/A
'Prom Queen'Beach Bunny2018AlternativeThe New Rock PackDec 5, 2019N/AN/A
'Panic Attack'The Glorious Sons2019RockThe New Rock PackDec 5, 2019N/AN/A
'16'Highly Suspect2019AlternativeThe New Rock PackDec 5, 2019N/AN/A
'Crush'Dave Matthews Band1998RockWax Eclectic PackDec 12, 2019N/AN/A
'Blind Leading the Blind'Mumford & Sons2019RockWax Eclectic PackDec 12, 2019N/AN/A
'One Kind of Solomon'The New Pornographers2019AlternativeWax Eclectic PackDec 12, 2019N/AN/A
'bad guy'Billie Eilish2019Pop/Dance/ElectronicHeadliners PackDec 19, 2019N/AN/A
'Orphans'Coldplay2019AlternativeHeadliners PackDec 19, 2019N/AN/A
'Take What You Want'Post Malone feat. Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott2019Pop-RockHeadliners PackDec 19, 2019N/AN/A
  1. Song was previously included in Rock Band 2.
  2. was previously released as part of the Rock Band Network.
  3. 3.03.1Song was previously included in Rock Band.
  4. is available at no cost.


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