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Developed by: DreamWorks Interactive
Release Date: Unreleased

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Based on the film, Small Soldiers Squad Commander is an action-strategy game for kids. Players choose to control either the mighty Commando Elite or the noble Gorgonites in up to 20 challenging, nonlinear missions. The mission scenarios are new to the game but use the characters and environments from the film. Fun and intricate puzzles are layered within each mission, requiring players to use their wits and problem-solving skills under constant enemy fire. Players must defend their homes, schools, and local shops. Battles become increasingly more difficult and desperate as enemy reinforcements flock to aid their comrades. The game features upgradable weapons, bonus artillery, power gadgets, detailed graphics, dynamic music, and a kid-friendly design.

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Soldier Games are shooting and war games about members of the army. In our free online collection of the best fun soldier games in the world, here on, you will learn to lead your squad of toy soldiers to victory. Protect peaceful places like the world of Minecraft and Lego city with the help of the soldiers you command. Small Soldiers: Squad Commander is a single player Real Time Tactics game based on the movie Small Soldiers and targeted towards children. You can play as both the Commando Elite or Gorgonites in 20 missions (10 missions each) that replicate the settings from the movie. You control your squad with the mouse as you move through various settings. Small Soldiers- Squad Commander Demo. Based on the film, Small Soldiers™ Squad Commander is an action/strategy game for kids. Players choose to control either the mighty Commando Elite or the noble Gorgonites in up to 20 challenging, non-linear missions. You play as Archer, leader of the Gorgonites, in behind-the-character, 360-degree, run-n-gun gameplay. Small Soldiers will feature approximately 15 levels of singleplayer action and possibly 8 levels in two-player mode. Small Soldiers won't replay the movie, but it certainly plans to continue the battle. Once you select Rent you'll have 14 days to start watching the movie and 48 hours to finish it. Can't play on this device. Check system requirements. Overview System Requirements Related.

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