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Halloo teman teman semua, kembali lagi di channel ZeYu Gaming, jadi pada Vidio kali ini aku memberikan tutorial cara memasang game UFC di android dengan uku. Download UFC Beta (Early Access) for Android to enter the Octagon and Shape Your Legend with the all-new EA SPORTS UFC Mobile. Collect your favorite UFC fighters, throw down in competitive.

EA Sports UFC 3 free. download full version APk The EA SPORTS UFC3 Beta is now open to everyone on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. EA SPORTS UFC 1.9.3489410 APK For Mobile Phones With EA Games ™ UFC®! Collect your favorite UFC fighters, fight them for bets and earn awards in the game by playing UFC Live Event in the real world. This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable in-app purchase. Fight in the fight. EA Sports UFC gives you the power of earlier MMOs. Ufc, games, ufc undisputed 2010 for ppsspp, ufc mobile hack android, ufc undisputed 2010 psp gameplay, ufc undisputed 2010 ppsspp gameplay, download game ufc.

Version: 1.9.3489410
EA SPORTS™ UFC® - the continuation of a series of sports simulations from the top developer of the studio ELECTRONIC ARTS, this time we will go to the ring of UFC competitions and gather a team of really existing athletes to try to build their wards to the top of the sports Olympus. The rest of the project is performed in the best traditions of the series, excellent graphics, a wide range of techniques, realistic physics, development and achievements, so that the UFC will be an excellent addition to the collection of sports simulators.

How to Get EA Sports UFC 4 Mobile APK Download – Android and iOS.

Today we are going to talk about UFC 4 Mobile game and all its pros and cons, features, and much more. It is a video game (obviously) about martial arts which was developed by EA Vancouver and was released on the 2nd of February, 2018. With this guide you can get EA Sports UFC 4 Mobile APK Download for Android and iOS. And many of you might recognize this game already because it is another sequel from the part-series, EA Sports UFC. Many would say that it is a combination of different martial art styles. Lets learn how to download and play mobile game.

Download EA Sports UFC 4 Mobile APK.

If you looking to play this EA Sports UFC 4 game in mobile, then first use the download button to see the game download page. In there choose the android or iOS version, and next download and install the EA Sports UFC 4 Mobile game. Next you can able to play the EA Sports UFC 4 Mobile game in your android or iOS devices.


What are the new features of the game, and how is it different from its previous versions?

The new EA Sports UFC 4 shines more light on developing the fighter’s background story. It is also have that by the 14th of August 2020, they are going to include the following fighters, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

What are you waiting for?

How To Download Ufc 3


Your every move will add to the player (s) skill (s). This is what we have found from the gameplay of the EA Sports UFC 4 Mobile version. The change in the panel menu that was shown in UFC 3. It has been replace and now has more new added features to it. The soundtracks have changed, we can say for sure that it has become more of a heavy rapping
style. Players can now build custom profiles with banners and all that cool stuff. It has been made transparent that which fighter the opponent will choose to the player. New added feature of per-fight lobby.

Now it is time for the Cons

A 5-star rating system has been adds to rate the fighters despite the presence of a list displaying the stats of the fighters. No chances of switching costumes before the fighting tournaments or the judges. There are a bunch of errors and mistakes in the “move list”. The game crashes multiple times after the bouts. The moves performed by the player are smooth, unlike the transition between changing these moves.

We are going to warn you like any other good and responsible citizen of the world that, the new gaming controls are going to be challenging to memorize and get the hang of. Despite thinking that these errors can be fix in no time. But when you realize that the game’s actual release is just in a few days, it makes things skeptical.


The game has excellent and unique introductions and other stuff, but many say that it has failed to reach up to the level of being the next sequel of the UFC games. It is because of the improve graphics of the game, which have not been change since the previous series. EA Sports UFC 4 will be ready to play android and iOS devices now, although early access can be play if you are follow us.

Just when most of us think that EA has given up on a particular game or have decided to never optimize it in order for players to run it on the latest mobile OS versions, they seem to come up with an entirely new idea for the game. EA has done that for a number of games that include The Sims, FIFA Mobile, the NBA franchise, Madden, and now UFC. The all-new EA UFC Mobile is now available for Android and iOS devices in beta and will be released soon.

What is happening with the original UFC game?

Before the new UFC game, many of us must be familiar with the old one that was released in 2015. And while that particular version of UFC mobile was not a disappointment, it wasn’t exactly a huge success either. The game did well in the first couple of months, millions installed with some pretty great reviews.

But after a while, players began facing server and connectivity issues, which brought about a ton of negative reviews on the game. Ever since it has been on the sidelines for a lot of UFC mobile players. In the last 2 months, EA hasn’t even updated the game. It’s evident that they were working on the brand-new UFC title. With the release of the new UFC Mobile, EA is, of course, going to focus more on the new game, bringing regular content updates and events. So it is even possible that EA takes the game down completely, we’ll have to wait and watch.

UFC Mobile Gameplay

EA slipped it into the respective mobile app stores earlier this week for beta access. The new UFC Mobile will allow players to collect and fight with their favourite UFC fighters in a caged octagon as well as bringing in competitive online combat.

Ufc Game Download For Android Free

There’s also going to be plenty of chances to earn some in-game rewards for competing in events that are tied to real-world UFC events. And while the game is free to play, there’s also going to be minor in-app purchases that might enhance your experience.

What to expect from UFC Mobile?


While the new UFC mobile is now in beta, players shouldn’t expect major changes for the upcoming full release of the game except for some minor changes such as improved IAP’s, downloading of entire game assets from the game, and stronger server connections.

Ufc Game Download For Android

The upcoming game does look promising and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for the full launch. You can also download the beta right now from the app stores, give it a test run and send in your feedback on how they can improve the game before the full launch. The game’s beta version is available on both Android and iOS currently.

Ufc Game Download Play Store

Are you excited for the upcoming game from EA, UFC Mobile? Let us know in the comment section below.

Ufc Game For Android Free Download

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