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Wargaming Game Center Download Windows 7

Wargaming Game Center Download

In fact, you don't need to download the game again - you just download and install Wargaming.net Game Center, log in and import the already installed WoWS client. Additionally, as a token of our appreciation for your time you will receive a gift in-game for using Wargaming.net Game Center. Wargaming.net Game Center application is used for Wargaming.net games distribution. Executable file of this app - wgc.exe. It is signed by Wargaming.net certificate, but Malware Bytes Antivirus is blocked it as Malware. Please, assist, add wgc.exe to the whitelist to make the use of Wargaming.net Game Center possible.

WGCheck is a tool that checks the game files' integrity and can generate a technical report about your computer and connection: DxDiag report, active processes, installed applications and Network Diagnostics. This report will help Player Support to help you.

  1. Download WGCheck.
    • Game Center WGCheck installer.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file and place it in a folder of your choice (e.g Desktop).
  3. Launch WGCheck.
  4. Wargaming games will appear in the upper menu. If WOT is not found, click ADD GAME and find WorldOfTanks.exe
  5. Select World of Tanks on the tab menu. Verify the client and click Enable dump generation.
  6. Check both Add game client to firewall exceptions and Extended network diagnostics (optional) and click Check.
    The progress bar will display the checking status.
  7. Should damaged files be found, a recovery option will appear. Press Recovery to fix the issue.

    This will initiate the download and recovery of damaged files.

  8. After the checking process is complete, click Report.
  9. Click Go to report. A window to the game folder will open. You can find the report there.

    Should the game crash after Dump generation was enabled, a crash report will be generated inside the WoT subfolder Reports, win32/Reports, or win64/Reports.

  10. Attach the report/s in your ticket for Player Support.

    Crash dumps can exceed attachment limits. You may use Google Drive, or any other free online storage service, to share the download link.

Wargaming Game Center Download Windows 10

If you encounter any network-related issues in the game, attach a Network Diagnostics report to the ticket.

Wargaming Net Download

To do so:

Wargaming Client Download

  1. Download WGCheck.
    • Game Center WGCheck installer.
  2. Navigate to the [Network] tab.
  3. Select the required game client from the drop-down menu on the left.
  4. There is a list of game servers and their addresses in the left part of the window. Select a server and click the [Check] button.
  5. The diagnostics check will begin. This will be indicated by a progress bar with a message.

    A diagnostics check should be performed as soon as you encounter any issues. Fight several battles while the diagnostics check is in progress. The longer the diagnostics check lasts, the higher the probability that the source of the issue will be reflected in the report file.

  6. You can switch the display of diagnostics data between the graph and table views. To do so, click the corresponding icon on the right.
  7. When the report is completed, click the Report button. A file named 'login1.worldoftanks.na(XX.XX.XX).wgc' will be saved in the netreports folder, which is located in the game client folder.
  8. Once the report is generated, you can scale the diagnostics graphs up and down. To scale up a graph, hold the Shift key and select the required graph area by clicking and dragging the left mouse button. To scale down a graph, hold the Alt key and click the left mouse button.
  9. –°lick the Go to Report button.
  10. A window with the generated report file will be displayed. Attach this to the ticket.