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Installing the Wii U Homebrew Channel. Check your Wii U firmware version. These instructions were written for firmware version 5.5.1 and earlier. 5.5.1 was the latest firmware version at the time of this writing (August 2016). If you are running a later version of the Wii U firmware, check to make sure that the homebrew channel exploit still works. Homebrew remake of Tetris shamelessly based on the Nintendo DS version! A fun game where you move blocks around. One or two player tetris-like game.

Last update: 2021.07.15

IMPORTANT: Blocking updates

Set your console's DNS to (US) and (EU) (use both) to block the console from downloading updates.

Wii U Homebrew Games DownloadWii u homebrew gamesGames

Settings > System Settings > Internet > Connect to the Internet > Select your connection > Change settings > DNS (Don't auto-obtain)

If you don't do this, you allow Nintendo to update your console without asking. In the absolute worst case this can brick your Wii U.

If you want to block system updates without a custom DNS, use this method.


START HERE: Haxchi/Mocha guide: https://wiiu.hacks.guide/#/cfw-choice

Alternative guide 2 (in case the other two are unavailable)


Brazilian Title Install Method

recommended, installs 'legit' games to your HDD

  • Follow this guide (backup)
    • Note: uTikDownloader was discontinued, use a different tool like Wii U USB Helper or NUSpli instead.
  • Titlekey database: https://titlekeys.ovh/


not recommended, long loading times, no online, incompatible with some games

  • Follow this guide
  • Loadiine works on 5.5.x and doesn't require the browser method if you have Haxchi installed.

Useful Tools

  • Wii U USB Helper: extremely bloated GUI for downloading games directly from Nintendo's CDN, has tons of other features as well
  • NUSGrabberGUI: another tool for downloading games, not as cluttered but also not as convenient
  • NUSspli: a freeShop solution for Wii U - download and install titles directly through your console - includes a generator for fake tickets (downloaded games require CFW to launch)
  • NUSPacker: packs decrypted files into installable packages, useful for modding games)
  • Dumping disc-based games for installation: https://github.com/koolkdev/disc2app/releases (guide)
  • Modding vWii (the Wii inside your Wii U): https://wiiu.hacks.guide/#/vwii-modding
  • Inject Wii/GameCube games via Virtual Console: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-wiivc-injector-script-gc-wii-homebrew-support.483577/
  • Inject (S)NES/DS/N64/GBA and more games via VC: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-ultimate-vc-injector-for-wiiu.486781/
  • ftpiiu (Wii U FTP server)
  • HID to VPAD (use HID controllers such as Dualshock 3/4, KB+M)
    • Xinput and Bluetooth controller support: https://github.com/Maschell/HIDtoVPADNetworkClient
  • SaveMii (offline save manager)
  • SwapDRC (play TV-only games on the gamepad)

Wii U common key: d7b00402659ba2abd2cb0db27fa2b656


Can I update to 5.5.x (current OFW)?

Wii u homebrew games download free

Updating to the newest firmware is perfectly safe. However, if you're not using Haxchi and want to keep the old browser exploit which is said to be more reliable, you may want to take a look at this guide.

Can I use DLCs and play online?

Generally, yes, but keep in mind that you will need to boot into CFW in order to play DLC and eShop-only games. If you're using Loadiine, there's no guarantee whether you'll get either to work. Consider switching to the Brazilian method.

How do I decrypt games for use with Loadiine/CEMU?

There's a small tool called 'cdecrypt' you can use for that. Some NUS downloaders like JNUSTool already come with it, but a bit of googling around should do the job too.

Download Wii U Games Free Homebrew

How can I get VC games to show up in Loadiine?

Just stop using Loadiine.

Other stuff

Wii U Homebrew Games Download

  • If you're having trouble getting an external HDD to work on your Wii U, make sure it's connected via a Y-cable, since the Wii U doesn't supply it with enough power otherwise which can lead to crashes.
  • In DS Virtual console games, you can change the internal resolution to X2 by editing the /game/content/configuration_cafe.json file. Search for 'Renderscale', it should display a 1. Switch it to 2.