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  • Most Popular Yanni Titles. Make a blast with the favorite work by Yanni for voice, piano or guitar. It offers PDF sheet music files plus interactive sheet music for realtime transposition. Start right now! A Walk In The Rain. Enjoy the favored work by Yanni for piano solo. It offers PDF sheet music files and interactive sheet.
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Music for Healing and Relaxation often referred to as New Age Music has experienced a new renassaince in recent years with a special selection of New Age Music albums indicating the potential to promote 'Sound Music Healing', was has been researched and documented as helpful in the areas of music induced acceleration for post-surgery recovery, deep relaxation therapy, massage and bodywork therapies, yoga and meditation practices, as a remedy for insomnia, and an overall improvement for greater 'intergrated well being' for Body, Mind and Soul. The New Age artists featured on this website offer an extraordinary blend of relaxing instrumentation creating what some have called a 'Sonic Healing Sound Spa' experience ideal for releasing daily stress and anxiety. Within minutes a deeply relaxing and regenerative soundscape can create a portal into a more gentle focused calmness which has been successfully used in a wide variety of bodywork disciplines, accelerated health recovery programs, speed-learning and most notably as an adjunct for those with chronic sleep disorders including childen suffering from insomnia. These healing sound collaborations may include acoustic guitar, virtuoso piano melodies, heavenly harp, and soothing dreamtime flutes.

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Aloha and Sound Health to you... ~Michael AngelOh~
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(The theme of this new Music CD is “Spiritual Soul Ascension” to inspire you as a Soul having a human experience...)
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(Featuring Aloha Friday’s “Hawaiian Words of Wisdom” and “Sacred^Sunday’s Scriptural Quotes” for 365 days...)
About author & composer
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Michael AngelOh has lived in the Hawaiian Islands for some 35 years. He published his first internationally best selling Book: “My NDE beneath the SEA” on his Drowning NDE.
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