Youtube Browser 1.0 Download

Youtube Browser 1.0 Download
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A browser extension for downloading videos from YouTube

Made by avi12

Download YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Get the official YouTube app on iPhones and iPads. See what the world is watching - from the hottest music videos to what’s popular in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, learning and more. Apr 11, 2021 Hashes for youtube-video-viewer-bot-1.0.0.tar.gz; Algorithm Hash digest; SHA256: a0718e670787c5f23d9a77013ece311d024b0ca85d3c961150554c: Copy.

Supported browsers

CAUTIOUS: Chrome users can install it until January 2023, so hurry up!


For videos that aren't in the Music category:

For videos in the Music category:

In /playlist:

Pop-up page


Download from one of: AdFly,Linkshrink,AdPayLink, or direct

Video installation tutorials:

After installing, reload YouTube tabs


  • Download videos from /watch & /playlist, either as videos, audio tracks or audio-less videos

  • Viewing the download progress

  • All downloads are cancelable

  • Always keep in mind:

    • Videos with audio tracks will always be downloaded one-by-one
    • Audio tracks or audio-less videos will always be downloaded in parallel
  • Via the pop-up page, you can manage downloads, customize the file extensions and change the default video quality

  • Useful tooltips when hovering over certain buttons, notably individual downloads and the playlist download button

  • For videos on /watch:

    • Clicking to download a video whose category isn't 'Music' will:
      • begin downloading in the currently-selected quality (unless customized) if the queue is empty
      • if the queue isn't empty, it will be pushed to the queue
    • Otherwise, it will be downloaded as an audio track immediately
  • In playlists on /playlist:

    • When downloading an individual video:
      • If you're downloading it as a video, yet you already started downloading a videos that you selected - it willabort their downloads and instead begin downloading the video you just clicked Download on
      • Otherwise, it will start downloading immediately as an audio track
    • When selecting multiple videos and clicking the Download button that's tied to the playlist, they'll downloadone-by-one
    • Download a whole playlist with a single click, using 'Download all when ready'
    • Set playlist-wide options (download all videos as videos / audio-less videos / audio tracks; use the same fileextension for all items)
  • Pop-up:

    • Options:
      • Control whether to download a video in quality X/the highest available, or download according to the selectedquality
      • Allow specifying a custom file extension for videos and audios
      • If you have YouTube Premium ,remove the native Download button

To-dos (when I have time)

  • Pop-up:
    • Options:
      • Allow downloading playlists as ZIP
      • Allow downloading playlists to a subdirectory whose name is the playlist's name
  • If the video has Clip, opening the Clip modal will allow specifying which portion of the video to download (includingthe rich options, as mentioned above)

Known bugs

  • When downloading video files that include audio, reordering them via the pop-up page will sometimes not correctlydisplay right away the download / processing progress in the video's progress bar

Core packages/repositories used

  1. ytdlr - for converting signature ciphers into downloadable URLs
  2. FFmpeg - for combining video & audio into a single video file, and thenproviding it as a download
  3. Vue.js - for the in-page UI interactivity
  4. Svelte - for the pop-up page
  5. Svelte Materialify - for using Material Design components in the pop-uppage. It will be replaced by a different library when it becomes deprecated

Youtube Browser Download For Computer

Setting for development

Download Youtube Web Browser

  1. Make sure to have Node.js and PNPM
  2. Start Rollup for development
  3. Test on Chrome/Chromium